How to Compare GPS Navigation Systems

by Lee Cole - Date: 2008-08-30 - Word Count: 468 Share This!

It's hard to know which GPS system to buy! There are a ton of manufacturers and there are a zillion models to choose from. To get the right model, you need to know how to compare GPS navigation systems--what each model does, how much they cost, what you can get from each manufacturer.

In this article I'm going to make this seemingly overwhelming process a little easier to fathom. I'll talk about which manufacturers you should focus on, what they offer, and about how much this all costs.

Let's start off by talking about all those manufacturers.

There are more manufacturers of GPS navigation systems than you can reasonably keep up with. I simply this by focusing on the top three, Garmin, Magellan, and Tom Tom.

Garmin is by far the industry leader. They sell over 70% of the GPS systems sold. There's a reason their name is virtually synonymous with "GPS device". They make a fantastic product, and they have the broadest range of models to choose from. You can get a great Garmin receiver for $150, or you can spend almost $1,000. It's your choice, and you'll get your money's worth either way.

Magellan was one of the pioneers in the business. Having been in business for quite a while, they also have a deep product line. They have a number of great proprietary features like a deal with AAA, where you can access their renowned Tour Book through Magellan's device. (For AAA members only.)

Tom Tom is in some sense the new kid on the block, but they're taking more and more market share by offering excellent products at equally excellent prices.

No matter which GPS receiver you buy, it will be able to do the following: tell you where you are, tell you how to get to where you're going, and interface with you via a touch screen. Also, it will be pre-loaded with a million or so Points of Interest (called POI's).

You can get all of this and more for $150!

For another $100 to $200, you can add hands-free calling using Bluetooth technology, more extensive maps, real-time traffic and weather, and what's called FM transmission, or being able to hear your receiver's output through your car's stereo system.

As you go up in price, you can get even more features, like multiple route calculation ability, which let's you enter more than one destination, and the device will tell you the best way to get from where to you are to all of those places.

You won't go wrong with any of the products sold by the big three. And according to your budget you will be very satisfied with what you can get.

Your next step now needs to be to hop on an informative website where you can actually look at specific products, see what they do, and check their current prices.

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