Pets, Preventing Great Danes From Dog Food Allergies

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Great Danes, like most giant dogs, have fairly slow metabolism. Bloat is a common health problem of this breed and occasionally, some develop yeast infection. Great Danes and other breeds of dog may also suffer from various kinds of allergies. Though less common compared to flea bite allergy and atopy, food allergy can occur in dogs as well as in cats. Food allergy can affect both male and female dog, neutered/spayed or intact and puppy or grown dog, but is more common in dogs between two to six years of age.

Like flea bite allergy and atopy, food allergy causes excessive itching and scratching in dogs. Other symptoms may also include chronic ear infections, hair loss, hot spots and skin infections. Increased incidence of bowel movements can also be seen in dogs with food allergies. Though common symptoms of various kinds of allergy seem similar, the treatment approach to each is different. That is why it is a great idea to distinguish food allergy from the other kinds of allergy. Check you dog's coat and skin for the presence of fleas. If he is free of fleas or if your pet has been treated against fleas but without any positive change, then flea allergy is out of the story. Another clue that points toward food allergy is that the itchiness is not and has never been a seasonal problem.

If the correct diagnosis has been determined, talk to your vet and ask for advice as to what diet is best for your pet. The owner can choose homemade diet or special commercially prepared diet. If the owner chooses homemade diet, he can start feeding the dog with bland diet then new ingredients can be later introduced gradually. This is a great way to determine which ingredients cause food allergy. Bland diet is not healthy for your dog when given for a long time. It is still important that the food should be balanced with correct amount of ingredients, vitamins and minerals Great Danes need. This is something owners must remember.

There is no such thing as miracle remedy that will solve your dog's food allergy problems overnight. It is alright to experiment with different food ingredients. Once you have determined and avoided the ingredients that cause allergy, your dog will definitely have a happy, itch-free life. In addition, you as the owner will never have to worry and go nuts of your dog's excessive itching.

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