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by Julie Hellstrom - Date: 2009-04-16 - Word Count: 290 Share This!

All lovers of Elmo - here is the next great Christmas gift idea - Elmo Live! Elmo is talkiing, singing, joking in a brand new interactive way. Sesame Street is known for encouraging creative and entertaining play. Elmo Live! fits the bill perfectly again for kids ages 18 month and beyond.
Moving, Talking, Dancing Elmo!
Elmo Live! is the cute furry, red character that kids have loved for years on Sesame Street. He is so real to life.
He moves his mouth and his head while he is talking, singing and retelling his favorite stories;
He gestures with his arms, and he moves his legs.
He can even cross his legs when he sits on the stool that is included.
15 out 18 reviews raved about the sweet simplicity of making Elmo Live! play. They rated his animated story telling top of the list. And added his silly sounds were not to be overlooked either.
In this new green world, Elmo Live! steps up to the plate with Elmo yawning and saying he is tired while the toy powers down to save batteries!
Reviewers like this toy because, unlike some other "talking" toys, Elmo Live! doesn't just spout programmed phrases. This makes an almost magical experience for your child, as if her toy is really coming to life.
As with any toy, there are a few glitches. When Elmo Live! is gesturing alot, he can sound a bit machine-like. Also he tends to fall over. But true to Elmo Live! style, he cutely asks for help up and then thanks you!
It comes with:
Elmo Live! doll and 6 AA batteries.
Get a peek preview of Elmo Live! by clicking below.
Don't delay in buying this great Christmas gift. They are saying this is the Toy of the Season and won't stay on shelves long!

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