He Will Not Take Your Calls Or Answer Your Email - Sizzling Tips to Make Your Ex Boyfriend Respond

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After a breakup, it is a woman's natural instinct to want to sit down with your ex boyfriend and talk out your problems. But he will not take your calls or answer your email. That can frustrate you and make you push him harder, but he keeps pulling farther away. You cannot win the battle by putting pressure on him. Here are some sizzling tips to make him respond.

First of all you should not be trying to communicate with your ex soon after the breakup. There has to be a cooling off period. You are still to emotional and he is too angry to talk sensibly at this time. Some thing made him upset and unhappy and you need to let him have time to work things out in his mind.

The reason he will not talk to you or answer your messages is because he still has feelings for you. He does not want to show them at this time and if you keep annoying him he will keep burying them deeper and deeper until they finally disappear forever. The only way to make him open up is to make him miss you. But as long as you stay in his face, he will never be able to miss you.

To get your ex boyfriend talking to you again, you will have to bring the feelings he has for you to the surface. Once you bring those feeling to the surface, he will have to face the fact that he is still deeply in love with you. When that happens he will feel the urge to communicate with you. But, you have to be very careful of the way you bring those feelings to the surface.

If you will remember back to how you got him in the first place, it will be easy to see how to get him back. Think of who did the chasing then. It was your ex boyfriend that chased you and he needs to do the chasing now. But the reason he chased you before was because he was attracted to you. If you want him to come after you again, you need to attract him again. If you would have run after him screaming you could not live without him, he would not have felt any attraction.

To make him feel the same attraction for you he felt when he first met you, he has to feel he is losing you. So, you have to put as much distance between the two of you as possible. Stop trying to get him back and act as if you don't care. Completely ignore him and live the life you did before you met him. Spend time with your family and go out and have fun with your friends.

Hearing about your activities and how all of the guys are flirting with you, will bring his hidden feeling surface again. Your ex will suddenly see that he misses you and wants you back. This will make him eager to communicate with you again

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