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It is important in business to diversify and make sure you get as much exposure as possible to help your company gain the competitive edge and many companies do not utilise their own corporate headquarters enough and diversify their building from the competition. How many times do you walk down the road and all the buildings look exactly the same, you wouldn't know which company is situated in which building. A great way to make your company stand out from the rest is by adding a water fountain, you may be thinking how will this help to promote my business, well the answer is it is possible to have custom fountains which can be branded and designed with your company in mind.


A custom fountain can be an extremely impressive feature and when designed correctly for the environment it is to be located in will really create a wow factor for your business. There are of course many different types of custom fountains you can choose from and they come in many different shapes and sizes, so no matter what your requirement you can be sure to find a custom fountain to suite your business needs. Outdoor custom fountains can be engraved with your company name or incorporate your company logo, plus it is also possible to add colour if required to further enhance the logo for passers by. Many of the custom fountains have built in lighting so during the night or the winter months when there is more dark than light the fountain will have an even greater impact.


Custom fountains are not just made for the outdoors there are also many styles which you can have in the office or reception area. They make a great impact and your clients will be able to instantly recognise they are in the correct building with the addition of your company logo or name. Usually it will be possible for the manufacturers to take an existing design and tailor it for your requirements should this be your wish or alternatively you can have a design made exactly to your specifications. Depending on your requirements the supplier may wish to meet in your office location to take a look at your existing décor and suggest what may fit best into your office space. If you are looking for inspiration then why not take a look on the internet at some of the examples of custom fountains which companies have made and see for yourself how they can have the wow factor. Custom fountains are becoming more popular so if your business or company headquarters has yet to consider adding one to your building then consider the points which have been raised in this article and how one could help your business.



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Chris Courtis is a writer for Ethan Paul Fountains who are a provider of high quality Custom Fountains.

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