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This musical is fresh on the stage, but Passing Strange tickets are already a hot commodity. The production recently won a Tony Award for the Best Book of a Musical at the 2008 Tony Awards and continues to create a buzz. Unique to this show is the draw not only of theater regulars, but also of theater novices and the theater wary. It can hardly be called a musical in the traditional terms with rock-concert tendencies and an at-times heavy story line.

The story is based on the like of singer/songwriter Stew. Stew wrote the book for the show along with the lyrics. He also co-composed the music. Stew grew up in Los Angeles and starts his play there. Although Stew does not play himself, he narrates the show. He also is the founder and leader of a Los Angeles-based pop-rock group called The Negro Problem. Passing Strange tickets show audiences the struggles of a young musician who feels he needs to find himself.

The character playing Stew is simply known as Youth. Growing up in Los Angeles, his middle-class life is based around the local church. Instead of pursuing a similar path, Youth breaks away to Amsterdam. He is shaped by the availability of sex and drugs. He eventually get into the bar scene in Berlin where he is met by artist who loathe mainstream culture. To get ahead in Berlin, he pretends to be from a poor background to get ahead. All the while, he is developing his musical talent and style. The show's music ranges from gospel to blues to rock.

Daniel Breaker plays the part of Youth. His credits include the London show How to Act Around Cops and regional shows like The Tempest, a Midsummer Night's Dream and Blacksheep. Elisa Davis plays his mother and has been on Broadway before with The Violet Hour. She has also been on TV with shows like Law and Order and Soul Food. The show marks the Broadway debut for most of the cast.

Passing Strange chose to open in Berkeley, California instead of New York and eventually moved to an off-Broadway production in New York before making it onto Broadway. The unique show is simply set on a small stage but captivates audiences the way a show hasn't in quite some time. Passing Strange is a delightful look at a young artist's life and tickets are well worth getting a group together for. Don't miss your chance to see Stew live!

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