Protect Your Eyes From Uv Rays And Use Sunglasses

by Maddi Murtaza - Date: 2010-06-16 - Word Count: 250 Share This!

Wearing sunglasses while working, motorcycle riding, sun bathing are most enjoyable when there are more amount of sunlight in your vicinity. If you'll notice, all the activities in that list require the same thing of you: to wear the proper protective eye wear.

Standing or lying down in direct sunlight for a prolonged period of time means you should have sunglasses that give the greatest protection to your eyes from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. The bigger the lenses of your sunglasses the better protection it can give. It doesn't matter if the lens color are black, gray, or brown the most important is the photo chromic lens that gives a perfect UV protection. This lenses blocks and diffuses radiation before it hits your eyes.

Other than UV protection, sunglasses must also be scratch proof, as they protect your eyes from the wind, dust, small insects and other particles that whip against your face when you are on the road. And again the larger the lens of your sunglasses the better protection it gives. The frame shouldn't get in the way of your field of vision. If it does, it could prove fatal at a dangerous turn! Sunglasses with wrap-around lenses, sometimes resembling visors, are excellent for maximizing visibility.

When choosing sunglasses for you always remember that the price is not the basis if it has a good quality. Check the UV protection of the sunglasses and if it is scratchproof. And most of all it should be fashionable and elegant looking sunglasses.

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