Zrii- An Ayurvedic Amalaki Formulation Like No Other

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The Ayurveda texts are sacred texts which date back to thousands of years ago. Ayurveda was a medical discipline which began around five thousand years ago. The Ayurvedic texts are the most ancient and the longest medical texts around. This impressive collection of texts includes a lot of skillfully treated herbal mixtures which are each intended to open up the complete potency of a particular fruit or herb. In a nutshell, the useful qualities of one plant are targeted to make the beneficial qualities of another plant potent. It is through this type of synergistic process that the full healing effect of Ayurveda is realized. Due to its amazing nutritional benefits, amlaki holds its own place at the top of the Ayurvedic herbs and it is considered to be a super food second to none. When creating Zrii, the amlaki fruit could have been mixed with only fruit juices making a healthy liquid drink.

However, when the Zrii team was learning about Ayurveda's origin, the texts, and formulations, they wondered whether combining the ancient art of Ayurveda with modern dietary science could produce a synergistic mixture unparalleled in the nutritional market. If amlaki were combined with other fruit juices, then the effectiveness of amlaki would be released in certain ways which fruit juices alone could not reach. Bill Farley, the owner of the company which created Zrii, along with his management team rapidly realized that planning this mixture was far easier than actually being able to design and produce this complex formulation.

Apart from the challenge posed by the creation of the powerful synergistic mixture, there was no other company in the market which had made use of amlaki effectively in a juice-based system. In an effort to realize this task and rise to the challenge, Zrii created a strong team of top-notch experts. This team included Western medical doctors who had won awards for their performance, famous Ayurvedic scholars and physicians, and PhDs in modern nutrition and chemistry. The team spent many months trying out different combinations in order to the create the amlaki and fruit juice blend, and finally came up with a formulation which included amlaki and six other 'actives' which would support it and help to unlock its potency.

The Zrii team followed the hallowed Ayurvedic formulation which comprised of the botanical trio of amlaki, turmeric and tulsi. They also wished to have a global influence by the blend they would create. Apart from basing their formulation on this triad, they also drew inspiration from Traditional Chinese Medicine, because of the very harmonizing and adoptogenic features which the fruits jujube and schizandra share with amlaki. Also, the famous ayurvedic fruit haritaki was added to the mixture due to its slight detoxifying properties and ginger was also added because it helps to digest all these ingredients well. These 6 actives are valuable in themselves apart from 'potentizing' amlaki. Tulsi improves digestion and intestinal health, turmeric improves circulation and digestion, jujube calms the nerves, schizandra improves cerebral function and memory.

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