Iron On Beads

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There is a special kind of bead used on peg board to make a design, which is set with an iron. Both children and adults enjoy with iron on beads with different design available in the market.

About Pearl Bead:
Pearl beads and their boards are available in the all major craft stores. A bucket of beads and different shapes of peg boards can also be purchased. To start with pearl beads you can go first with activity kit, you do not have to come with your own ideas with activity kit. Activity kit will include different shapes of peg boards and suitable beads. You can also collect different patterns of beads in the Internet and we can get busy with it all the day.

How to Use Pearl Bead:
Using pearl beads make a design on the peg board as you want and keep a dry and medium heat iron on the beads by covering iron paper. Keep it for 30 seconds to stick beads together and move iron on circularly to give equal heat all over the beads to make perfect picture.

Make Our Own Pearl Bead Pattern:
After using some peg board designs, you will get your own thoughts to make your own patterns. Take a look in to your house for small shapes that could be used as a guide. If you know drawing it will make easy to you to come up with new patterns.
You can use graph sheet to make you own pattern, each square represent in the graph sheet as a peg. You can even colour them in if you want to use different colours of beads in design.

Once you started with you own design patterns you can make lots of beautiful wall hangings especially in Christmas time.

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