free webhost vs low paid webhost

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Many people will think about getting a web hosting is great, why bother to pay one. well, as they say you dont get nothing for free. the who concept about free webhosting is they making money on advertising mainly through you, or tie you down for future spending.

as a beginner, it is no harm to get a free webhost who offers free subdomains. but if you want to get serious about internet, you better get a paid hosting company.

here are the main difference between the two.

Free web host

Paid web host

Have advertisement No advertisement Restriction on content loaded, i.e. no image folder, no affiliate program, limited upload file size No restriction Limited or no technical support 24/7 support Server not stable due to the large demand If you website is down due to their server down, they will restore as soon as they can Cancel your account at their descretion Never happen Limited bandbandwidth and disk space Relavantly Large Most offer subdomain Some come with free domain register offer Suit for personal user Suit for Business or Person who are serious about website


li alex, master of ecommerce.

I have list the answer on my site.

The important thing to remember is never trust stranger, try bring cash with you as little as possible, contact is extremely important in China, have a basic Chinese goes a long way.

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