Festival Fashion: It's not All Wellies and Macs

by Andrew Regan - Date: 2007-04-12 - Word Count: 415 Share This!

As the summer season approaches, this can mean only one thing: the advent of Britain's best music festivals. Whether you're anticipating muddy fields at Glastonbury or sunny skies at the V festival, why should you compromise your fashion sense in the hope of greater comfort? After all, there's no reason why you can't maintain your personal style and still brave the crowds and unpredictable weather with confidence!

When you're compiling your festival wardrobe, make sure footwear is your priority. The unpredictable nature of British summertime means that it's probably a good idea to pack both a pair of Wellingtons and trainers, because it's always best to be prepared for every eventuality. And while it may hurt your fashion ego to do so, invest in a mac or dig out an old raincoat to take with you - it'll be better than adopting a bin liner and will be preferable to shelling out for one at one of the festival stalls if it starts to bucket down.

Unlike girls, boys may find it easier to cope with the possibility of muddy conditions, so make sure you pack a pair of shorts or three-quarter length trousers; this way, you'll be able to keep cool if it's warm and sunny, and you'll also find it easier to keep your clothes dry if the rain begins to create mud streams. Hooded-tops (known as hoodies) and t-shirts are a must, while jumpers are essential for the colder evenings if you don't want to catch a nasty festival bug.

Some say that the most intriguing thing about festival fashion is the way singular trends arise at the festival itself, as thread-less individuals create their own style from items bought in the festival's many stands or the nearby villages. A range of hats, crazy sunglasses and fancy dress appendages - including pirate get-ups - have made appearances at festivals in the past.

However, it's a sure-fire bet that for 2007, the festival fashion trends will show a clean breakaway from the winter goth-rock trend, with a fresher colour palette, slim silhouette and a strong musical influence. For example, a fitted t-shirt adorned with punk-style graphics, matched with a pair of light-grey jeans and a metal belt will make a bold statement and put some effortless fun into your look; while smarter alternatives for men's clothing and festival outfits are offered in the way of fitted shirts, bow-ties and trilby's. But, whatever festival you attend in 2007, remember that there's more to festival fashion than just wellies and macs.

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