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Beatbox is a musical trend, which envisages creating certain sounds by use of natural human organs, including tongue, lips, teeth and throat, or their use in combination.

The Beatbox trend is stylistically close and has much in common with the Hip-Hop and the R and B styles. It traces back to the time of a drum machine invention in the USA. The history contends an increasing majority of street musicians were musically uneducated to perform recording of their compositions. They faced no possible opportunity to top data base with their completed tracks, and thus, used mikes to pump their tunes. This resulted in foundation of another bizarre and unpredictable way to create rhythmic compositions, while the "pump" syllable has been employed as the Beatbox's key completing part.

Frankly saying, the Beatbox may easily be mastered by an average person. It's mainly not about voice, but about sense of rhythm. Beatbox is, nowadays, among major music trends to rule the music scene. We can figure out its vigorous representative bands and singers, who have already succeeded in elaboration of new styles and innovative techniques. Feeling anxious to get familiar with some general knowledge or enrich their music competence in regard with the style, one can enter the world Beatbox website -

Beatbox elements are now widely used by representatives of all music styles. For example world celebrity Justin Timberlake fancies humming some tunes with no musical accompaniment. Let's recall his acclaimed hit "Rock Your Body". It no wonder, being a teenager, Justin Timberlake was a so called pump-leader at a musical school, he had entered as a child. To conclude, Justin Timberlake is both famous pop-star and brilliant beatboxer. Speaking about professional beatboxing bands, I would like to mention Killa Kella, Razhel, Kenny Mohhamed, Fat Boys and of course the Roots. They are all applying their efforts toward establishment of the Beatbox as a separate music style.

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