Criticism Of Outsourcing: Quality Of Service

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"The type of service provides an indication of the abstract parameters of the quality of service desired. These parameters are to be used to guide the selection of the actual service parameters when transmitting a datagram through the particular network."

The Quality of Service can be defined as, "The measure of the degree of satisfaction of the user of the system".

Quality of Service:

It is not possible to guess what the customer wants. Detailed, sector-by-sector, surveys are required to provide information by transaction on how we are performing and what really matters to customers. This must be followed by rigorous root cause analysis and action to improve performance.

In the ever more competitive environment of telecommunications, the Quality of Service perceived by customers is becoming increasingly important in the battle to win market share.

It is necessary to satisfy a service need before the service encounter can be considered successful or one of quality.

Following is a list of common needs.

The need to feel welcome.
The need for timely service.
The need to feel comfortable.
The need for orderly service.
The need to be understood.
The need to receive help or assistance.
The need to feel important.
The need to be appreciated.
The need to be recognized or remembered.
The need for respect.

There are four steps in the processing of winning with the customer: -

1. Transmit a Positive Attitude
2. Identify Customer Needs
3. Provide for the Needs of your Customers
4. Make sure that your customers are return.

Importance of quality of service

Quality parameters and procedures are necessary to provide an indication of how well a product, service or the process is. Quality measurements are necessary to study the steps to be taken to optimize resources with revenue and quality could be the differentiator when other factors are equal.

Quality criteria of concern to customers for telecommunication services may similarly be found under the following categories:

Speed: - This quality criterion is expressed by the time taken to carry out any of the service functions.

Accuracy: - This quality criterion deals with the fidelity and completeness in carrying out the communication function with respect to a reference level.

Availability: - Availability is the likelihood with which the relevant components of the service function can be accessed for the benefit of the customer at the instant of request.

Reliability: - Reliability is the probability that the service function will perform within the specified limits for speed, accuracy or availability for a given period, for example, one year.

Security: - This quality criterion deals with the confidentiality with which the service function is carried out. No information is to be supplied to an unintended party, nor can information be changed by an unintended party.

Simplicity: - This quality criterion concerns the ergonomic aspects with which the service feature is dealt with by the service provider. It also includes the customer's preferred requirements for a particular service.

Flexibility: - This quality criterion groups together the customer's optional requirements associated with the service.

The Principal point to be noted is that the quality related criterion under the heading 'Customer results' has the single largest weighting with 20% of the overall score. A good quality product will satisfy the user's needs with minimum expenditure of financial, time and human resources. This is one of the fundamental tenets in the understanding of quality.

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