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Cartoon competitions are very extraordinary talent competitions. Cartoonists have a sense of artistry related to character design and hand of drawing. The competitions are exclusively for those who are interested and want to explore their skill of cartooning. Cartoonists are unique in their respective thoughts and concepts. Cartoons are drawn for different purposes like critic point of view, conveying a message, educating or story line concept. The other purposes of cartoons are designed for illustration or instructional use. The competition also happens for making logos, mascots and icons. These talents are very rare and only can be found by searching for them by the use of such competitions.

The cartoonists design on paper and very rarely cartoonists draw on a digital screen. The digital cartoon can be drawn with the help of computers. So the competitions are designed based on the types and forms of cartooning. A competition can de designed for children or a general audience.

Cartoon competitions can be designed based on a theme that must be explained to all about the topic. Cartoon work is funny for children as well as elder people. In general, competitions are made up of people that are inclined to participate. In competitions pupils are being asked to design a cartoon showing what the topic means to them. The cartoons can be about anything the participants think on the topic.

Preparation for Cartoon Competition
To make a static or series of cartoon images you need to think over the concept or topic given to you. If it is an animated cartoon competition you have to prepare a storyboard, descriptive document on the competition topic. You need to design a layout and dimensions of the drawing. You have to design graphics, background, elements, objects, color scheme and characters as required by the concept. The ambiance of the story must be kept in mind when drawing. A cartoonist must be a sensitive person, who pays attention to each situation, ambiance and conversation of cartoon characters. Drawing of screen, direction and expressions are very important while drawing the cartoon character.

Awards and Intellectual Property
The winners are short listed based on the parameter of judgments such as best drawing, character design, illustrations, conversations in story board or storyboard design etc. The awards are different in different competitions.

As a participant the property right goes to the publication party after the competition is over. Each entry should be unique and free from publishing copyright or repetition. The competition allows the name of the cartoonist on the drawing paper. The accepted works are printed in a brochure, on posters, in the world press or other printed matter for the purpose of publicizing an exhibition. Participants are entertained and the winners achieve the award.

AniBoom exclusively designs cartoon competitions based on campaign programs, logo contests, promotes public awareness of public properties are best to get the best cartoonist for the illustration programs. Every artistic person should participate and submit the work in due time to be a valid participant. The digital cartoon artists are now promoted by AniBoom.

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