Sacred Message of our Revered Preceptor Shriram Sharma Acharya

by Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya - Date: 2007-01-21 - Word Count: 1060 Share This!

In the profound silence of our psyche echoes the subtle voice of our revered preceptor. "Oh, I am always with you" says our preceptor. "You may dwell anywhere in the cosmos, yet I am always with you. I remain alive only for your sake. I always give you the fruits of my divine experiences. You all are the wealth of my bosom. You are the stars of my eyes. We are one with God. I always experience a sense of oneness with you. I never fear putting you all in the blazing fire of harsh trials because I am fully aware of the measure of your power. I send you into one experience after another & yet my divine eye always pursues you. You always act in my subtle presence.

You must incessantly search for my wishes in my thoughts and in my writings. You must imbibe these teachings in your day to day routine which were given to me by my revered preceptor and which I am imparting to you all. You must experience that which is one (God). Only then will you experience greater oneness with me than that which you experience with thousands of bodies of mine. Your discipleship will taste spiritual success only if you are alert, steadfast and devoted to my wishes and thoughts. There is boundless love between all of you and myself. The bond of relationship between a preceptor and his disciple is tougher than a thunderbolt. It is infinitely more powerful than death itself.

O beloved child! While experiencing this truth always remember that your sense organs always oppose your soul (God). Hence it is imperative that you remain alert constantly. Never trust your sense organs. It always remains agitated due to experience of dualities like joy /sorrow etc. You must rise above the senses. You are the soul which is a part of my invincible form. The gross body can perish any moment. Tell me, who truly knows that moment? Hence always lay your sight on you divine goal. Your mind should overflow with my divine thoughts. Not at the time of death, but while you are leading your life, liberate and purify your mind. Thus even if death engulfs you, your innate nature will continue to exist externally. Thus while living remember that death can attack you any moment. Only then will you be able to lead a life of truth. Time is running relentlessly. If you submerge your mind in divine, eternal thoughts then you will succeed in rendering moving time to eternity.

Each one has to endure hardships for the sake of his ideals. You too must endure all trials and tribulations with serenity. Face all hardships with equanimity. Live a life of high ideals and remain fearless due to divine protection. All our fears can be destroyed if we take shelter of God. You all are my beloved children. Whether in life or death, whether in joy or sorrow, whether in good or bad situations, I will always be with you anywhere that you go. I protect all of you. I adore you because I am bound to you by the chain of divinity. Because of my love for God I become one with all of you. I am your very soul. O beloved child, my home is in your heart. Then why worry? Remove all worries and become fearless.

There are many methods and modes of worship of God. In that, the potency of Gayatri Mahashakti and its results are extraordinary. It has been given the highest berth by our revered Rishis. Majority of great spiritual aspirants have taken recourse to it and have thus reached the pinnacle of spiritual progress. Even the laymen and advanced spiritual aspirants have surrendered to it. Over here the nature and spiritual principle of the divine Science of Gayatri has been elucidated in a very concrete manner.

The role of Primordial Divine Energy Gayatri in imparting solutions to all problems of this era and creation of a radiant future will resemble that of incarnations (Avatars) of God in the past. All those tenets are present in the inspirations of Gayatri Mantra which will create a Golden Era by destroying all varieties of fears. The present book gives us a factual glimpse of how Gayatri's spiritual philosophy and mode of worship will influence and hence purify world humanity in neo-creation of the world.

Amongst the 24 forms of Gayatri Mahashakti, one particular form has 5 faces. It is called Savitri. In the past times, its picture was well-known everywhere. These 5 faces symbolize the 5 sheaths (Koshas) in the inner personality of mankind. The area of worship of the 5-faced Gayatri revolves around these 5 sheaths viz. food, vital force, mental, intellectual, bliss sheaths. Activating these 5 sheaths is equivalent to attaining grace of the 5 well-known demi-gods. How is all this possible? Its details can be found in this present book. The Divine Serpent Power or what is called Kundalini Mahashakti pervades vital force electricity, our life force, vital force energy, fire of Yoga and soul light of our body. Ordinarily the Divine Serpent Power (Kundalini Shakti) is in a latent state and because of activities like sexual intercourse it moves downwards. But when it is awakened, the gates of the storehouse of the glories of the 6 Chakras (plexuses) open up and thus man will live like a realized saint since his psyche will overflow with divine potential. The nature of this Divine Serpent Power, its mode of awakening and other methods will be elucidated in this book. Brahmavarchas spiritual practices involve the unveiling of the 5 sheaths, awakening the Divine Serpent Power, unlocking the 6 Chakras (plexuses) and concentrating one's mind with pure resolves. This compact spiritual practice can be understood as the gist of austerities leading to Spiritual Sciences. This book elucidates those spiritual practices that helps in attaining material brilliance and soul radiance and as to what Yogic spiritual exercise should be undergone.

When the denizens of earth will aptly understand this Science (of Gayatri), they will never experience a lack as far as joy, peace and wealth is concerned. Those who in this junctional period between this era and the next, (that will lead to transformation) will try and understand its Spiritual Science so as to spread it in the entire world, will gain more name and fame in the entire world."

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AUTHOR: Shriram Sharma Acharya, founder of the International Gayatri Family, was a great Yogi, seer and incarnation of God who wrote volumes of scientific literature mainly on spiritual subjects for world welfare and peace.
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