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The secondary ticket sales market is generally frowned upon - and in some countries is illegal, but it still happens. Not long after tickets go on sale for a specific event, they can also be found selling on eBay for many times the original price. The 20% charity donation for Live Earth concerts can only be considered a partial step to addressing the bigger issue.

It wouldn't be so bad if the sellers genuinely had tickets they could not use for some reason and sold them at face value, not to deliberately buy to sell for a profit. This actually prevents the real fans from being able to get a seat, either because they cannot afford the inflated price or because there are no genuine seats left. So what can be done?

Some artists demand the seats of resold tickets be cancelled. Others urge their fans not to buy tickets from Internet auction sites, which has been met with only limited success. Some new ticketing rules implemented by some organisations require fans to register their details well ahead of the event so that a passport size photo may be included on the ticket itself. At the venue the ticket can be scanned with infrared light to detect the possibility of tampering. Officials were pleased to declare this ploy successful.

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