Customer Interaction

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Now-a-days customers are being semester thaen
before They always want their satisfaction to the exteant. As the technology
have been advanced & one has all the tools that he/she could satisfisfactorily
used fored the customer's rearmament. But it is very important that the customer
comes to you will get the right information and assuranceed that he would
get his work done with your  you proper guidancely. Therefore I am  giving
you 3 basic contents to interact with your client........

(1) Appearance & Behavior while first marketing :

Here,ar by Appearance I do not mean that one
should have a smart, handsome look, I think a customer wants you to look gentle
and behave gently. You should be wearing formal dress. There must be an eye
contact while talking to the customer. Otherwise he would feel that he is
not valuable to you.

(2) Your Speech :

Though you are the master of the web-designing
or whatever the work you do everyday, . But if you can't express how good
you can do for the customer, it  will not workthat by sealing the customer
will not believe you. Start to talk to the customer very gently. Hence It
is said that " well begin is half done. " Then Start talking about your work
from basic, because he doesn't know the technical aspects. He will always
rely upon your advices. Make him understand what you are speaking, by giving
example. So we should represent our views very clearly to our customers.

(3) Be noble & honest to your customers :

As everyone knows " Honestly is the best Policy.
" According to this statement you can only reach your destination by being
noble and honest. Your client will only trust you if you are honest. Dishonesty
works for a bit but not all the way to success. The solution is to be honest
and maintain credibility at the same time.


Shaunak Mistry

Shaunak Mistry is working as a web developer at Semaphore Infotech Pvt. Ltd, India. He has more than 2 years Experience. You can contact on email:

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