Choosing a Celtic Tattoo is not Easy

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Celtic tattoos have survived the millenniums as a symbol of pride and tradition. Since the first Romans saw that tattoos adorned on the body of dead Celtic warriors, there has been a fascination about the tattoos and how the body art both inspired the warriors into battle and how they made the connection between tribe and clan. Today Celtic tattoos have regained their popularity and have hit the tattoo world like a hurricane. People are clamoring to have the Celtic tattoo to be apart of their body are collection and seemingly want to know the connection to the honor and loyalty of a civilization past.

When picking out a Celtic tattoo there are many designs in which to choose from. You have to consider the area of body you want to place the tattoo in order to make it more appealing to the eye of the beholder. The length and width of the tattoo should show some symmetry to the body area where you wish to apply the art. For example a woman with skinny ankles would not want the person looking at her to be attracted to her flaw. Instead she might decide to put the tattoo around her calve in order to draw attention to a body part more pleasant. Other reasons to choose the tattoo to fit your body part are the intricacy of the design. A very intricate design takes a steady hand for the tattoo artist and a proper canvas, your body, to get the job done right.

A popular tattoo that is drawn from European beginnings is the Celtic cross tattoo. Appearing around the 8th to 11th centuries, the Celtic tattoo represented a cross. The cross is decorated with an intricate knot pattern that flows within the cross with no evidence of a beginning and end. The Celtic cross is presumed to have Christian religion backgrounds, but it is presumed by some acadamians that the Celtic tattoo had more pagan backgrounds. Pagan means that it is not Christian and should not be confused with Satanism or other dark arts. Whether Christian or pagan, the Celtic tattoo that is shaped like a cross is one of the most popular Celtic tattoos today.

There are other Celtic tattoos that have different shapes and meanings to their form and most can be found at a tattoo artist that specializes in Celtic tattoo art. The artwork and intricacy of the knot pattern can make this an expensive tattoo and you would want to make sure that the artist was credible when negotiating a price. Selecting and wearing a Celtic tattoo is a life choice and you must be able to make sure the design you choose will last and that you will be happy with your choice in years to come. Whether it is for religious or historical reasons or you want to show the pride of your heritage, a Celtic tattoo is a symbol of honor. Don't just rush to your local tattoo shop and pick out a Celtic tattoo that looks good. Research the history and when that ink meets the skin you know you will be following the tradition of a true warrior nation.

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Great tattoo designs are hard to find, but celtic tattoos are some of the best designs that people choose. Also devil tattoos are gaining in great popularity in our society today.

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