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Soft-core online gambling has never been this good. Free bingo portals are coming up all over the net. Playing bingo online is a lot more convenient. Its available 24/7 minus the travel time and cost and you won't need to walk around with your winnings. If you are new to bingo and want to get lucky and stay that way, you've come to the right place.

The following information will give you a head start and get you to play like a pro in no time.

Bingo is a game of chance. The trick is in keeping up with the numbers and marking them off as they are called. Being new to the game, it's always better to start playing with a smaller sum of money. Choosing a great site is necessary. Do not go for websites that offer help in winning. They are bogus. Try online portals such as Foxy bingo and Virgin bingo. They are credible and user friendly.

There are various bingo games that you can choose from. Here are some hot favourites.

The 75-Ball Bingo

It's similar to traditional bingo and has bingo cards, caller and daubers. The bingo card has a grid format with blocks, five across and five down. The remaining cells contain 24 numbers, anything upto 75. The free space in the middle of the card will be automatically covered and will be treated as a valid cell in a winning pattern.

Each game has a unique sequence and you will need to cover numbers on your card in the same sequence to win the game. Use the chat option to interact with the BingoBingo caller (a game master who will call the numbers that you are going to use to cover your card) and your competitors to add to the fun and make your gaming experience wholesome.

The 90-Number Online Bingo

In this case, try out websites that offer the first few rounds for free before actual signup. The card here is referred to as "ticket" and has a 3X9 grid format with 15 numbers randomly placed across it. You can buy more than one ticket and play as many of them as you want at your discretion. First, lookout for getting all the numbers in one row (called Line Across) and slowly move on to getting the second row and eventually, a Full House. After you get the feel of the game, play a whole strip. This will improve the odds of winning. You will be assisted by the computer in keeping track of the rounds so feel free to take breaks as you play and attend to important calls.

These are just two of the many options available on the net. So get going and make the most of "Bingo online". Keep winning!

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