The Seductive Ways that Women Use Their Body Language to Flirt

by Scott Patterson - Date: 2007-01-04 - Word Count: 529 Share This!

You can learn a lot about a woman simply by observing her body language. When a woman knows she's being watched by you, she'll do certain things in the hopes that you'll notice and approach her.

By paying attention and look for these body language cues, you'll know if she wants you to come over and initiate a conversation. So if you've made eye contact with a woman and she knows she's being observed, look to see if she does the following:

Flirt Signal #1- You see her touching and caressing her hair

Women typically demonstrate their interest by touching or caressing their hair. While it's a subconscious preening mechanism, a woman will do this as way to look her best. For a lot of women, their hair is a source of their confidence. By caressing her hair, a woman is attempting to act in an alluring and seductive manner.

Flirt Signal #2- You see her emphasizing her legs and feet

There is a lot of flirting power in a woman's legs. In fact, you can learn a lot about a woman just from the way she positions her legs.

For instance, if you see her feet pointed towards you, that usually means she has an interest in you and wants you to notice her legs. Another thing is woman often point her feet towards men they like. So when you're observing a woman, take a quick glance at her feet.

Another sign that a woman is flirting is when she crosses and uncrosses her legs while you're watching her. This typically happens when a girl is unsure of how to act when she knows a guy is looking at her. Once you see this, you know she's having a nervous reaction from your glances.

Finally if you see a woman is dangling a shoe off her foot, she's probably trying to be a little sexy in the hopes to get you to approach.

Flirt Signal #3- You see her licking her lips

For many women their mouth is a constant source of pleasure. In addition, it's human nature to get dry mouth whenever nervousness sets in. So if you see a girl licking her lips, this shows she's trying to emphasize her lips.

Also many women know that licking their lips is something that men find sexy. When she does this, a woman is telling you that she likes you and wants you to go talk to her.

Flirt Signal #4- You see her exposing her neck, wrists and other intimate parts of her body

Finally you can tell a woman is flirting when she exposes the intimate parts of body. When see a girl exposing her neck, wrists or inner thighs in your direction, this means she wants you to take a look at your erogenous areas.

A woman exposing the sensual parts of her body is one of the most classic signs of flirting.

These four flirting signals provide insight into what women are feeling and if they want you to come approach them. If you pay close attention, you'll pick up on these flirting cues.

When you seem these signals from a woman, you're getting an invitation to go talk to her. So don't hesitate- go approach her!

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