What Does it Take to be a Top IT Manager Today

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Well-Run Concepts has been conducting research on how we can quantify what personal skills or competencies, values or rewards and culture, and behaviors are needed today in the position of IT Management.  This article will summarize our findings to date.

We used a comprehensive, validated, step by step process called the Trimetrix™ system to figure out what is needed in the I.T. Manager position today for top performance.  Here is what we found.

In the area of attributes, which tells us can they do the job, we are looking at what personal skills or competencies are needed in the job of I.T. Manager. 

The Top Seven are:

1.  RESULTS ORIENTATION:  The ability to identify actions necessary to complete tasks and obtain results.

Maintains focus on goalsIdentifies and acts on removing potential obstacles to successful goal attainmentImplements thorough and effective plans and applies appropriate resources to produce desired resultsFollows through on all commitments to achieve results

2.  CUSTOMER FOCUS:  A commitment to customer satisfaction.

Consistently places a high value on customers and all issues related to customersObjectively listens to, understands and represents customer feedbackAnticipates customer needs and develops appropriate solutionsMeets all promises and commitments made to customers

3.  TEAMWORK:  The ability to cooperate with others to meet objectives.

Discards personal agenda to cooperate with other team members in meeting objectivesContributes positively and productively to team projectsBuilds and sustains a trust relationship with each member of the teamSupports other team members and team decisions

4.  CONFLICT MANAGEMENT:  The ability to resolve different points of view constructively.

Faces difficult issues with objectivityConsiders all opinions and facts before drawing conclusionsIdentifies appropriate solutions for volatile situationsNegotiates acceptable solutions between parties to successfully move beyond confrontation

5.  SELF MANAGEMENT:  The ability to prioritize and complete tasks in order to deliver desired outcomes within allotted time frames.

Independently pursues business objectives in an organized and efficient mannerPrioritizes activities as necessary to meet job responsibilitiesMaintains required level of activity toward achieving goals without direct supervisionMinimizes work flow disruptions and time wasters to complete high quality work within a specified time frame

6.  INTERPERSONAL SKILLS:  The ability to interact with others in a positive manner.

Initiates and develops business relationships in positive waysSuccessfully works with a wide range of people at varying levels of organizationsCommunicates with others in ways that are clear, considerate and understandableDemonstrates ease in relating with a diverse range of people of varying backgrounds, ages, experience and education levels.

 7.  LEADING OTHERS:  The ability to organize and motivate people to accomplish goals while creating a sense of order and direction.

Inspires others with a compelling visionEmpowers others to accomplish common goalsRepresents a positive, motivational example of others to emulate in becoming leadersSupports others through providing clarity, direction, organization and purpose

The next critical success factor is what values are needed, which tells us why they will do the job, or in other words, what rewards & cultures are they seeking on the job.

The Top Three are:

Rewards those who value knowledge for knowledge’s sake, continuing education and intellectual growth.

Rewards those who value personal recognition, freedom and control over their own destiny and others.

Rewards those who value practical accomplishments, results and rewards for their investments of time, resources and energy.

Finally, we analyzed what behaviors they must possess, which tells us how they will perform the job.  This is very important information to know in understanding communication styles.

The Top Three are:

The job calls for a high level of optimism and a "can do" orientation. It will require multiple talents and a willingness to adapt them to changing assignments as required.

The job requires decisiveness, quick response, fast action. It will often be involved in critical situations demanding that on-the-spot decisions be made with good judgment. The job will repeatedly face important deadlines that must be met on time.

The job requires a comfort level with "juggling many balls in the air at the same time!" It will be asked to leave several tasks unfinished, and easily move on to new tasks with little or no notice.

Now that we have a clear picture of what the I.T. Manager Job looks like, I would like to ask you this…

If you are an I.T. Manager, do you have these critical success factors mastered?  If not, what’s your plan to develop them?

If you are in business, how are you currently measuring the talent in your I.T. Department today?Do they have the above named attributes, values and behaviors?  If so, good, you are ahead of the competition!If not, how will you develop them or better yet, select talent that already has it?

Here are a few suggestions to get you started.  If you want to know for sure, then run a Personal Talent Profile on yourself or your staff.  Then match the results to the benchmark of the I.T. Manager Job in this article.  However, if you have a unique culture in your company, you may want to be more specific and run a Trimetrix™ job benchmark with your own stakeholders.  Then you can match your talent to your unique culture.

Jennifer Selland is the Founder and President of Well-Run Concepts, a Human Resource Consulting Firm based in Ocala Florida, founded in 1997, whose mission is to Help Organizations Define and Develop Top Talent.   Jennifer has over 15 years of Human Resource Management and Executive Operational hotel experience. Well-Run Concepts

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