Four color process printing rules

by Florie Lyn Masarate - Date: 2006-12-02 - Word Count: 383 Share This!

In four color process printing, there are certain rules to follow so the colors you plan are what you will be seeing in print.

The first rule is to have a grand piece of artwork. It must be an artwork with very good contrast and no intricate details that can get lost in the process. It should be designed so people can understand what it implies clearly and without any doubt.

If you cannot come up with a good design, you can always hire a designer to do that for you. For a minimal price to pay, you will be getting it back for more than double or triple.

The second rule has to do with the separator. As much as possible, try doing more in-house separations rather than having it done elsewhere. There is already available software that can help you do these things. There are good separators to be had in Adobe Photoshop.

The third rule is to use perfect printing plates. It is best to use those that can endure tension that would be brought about by the whole process. Screen frames that have been use for numerous numbers of printing jobs are best to strengthen or harden the fabric to be use in the 4 color process printing.

The fifth rule is to select good printing press. Spend extra time in telling you’re your specifications in order to make sure that your print would come out great. Do not forget to use only the correct inks.

There are a lot of printing companies you can choose from. Ask people you know that have their printing done. They will serve as your guide for choosing the right printing press.

The last rule is to use the correct squeegee and printing techniques. A sharp edge medium squeegee will do wonders for your print if you are using an automatic press. It is also wise to check from time to time the squeegee pressure.

And also when printing in shirts, it is always better to use heavyweight 100% cotton shirts. The reason for this is that better printing surfaces would ensure better print output.

If you want your result to appear just the way you want it and looking very much like what you have planned it to be, all you have to do is follow these simple rules.

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