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If you are in a romantic and comfortable relationship and your partner suddenly raises the topic of sleeping with you, how will you react if you are not ready for it? It's natural to feel a little embarrassed and awkward the first time you get physically close to someone because it's not something you've ever done before. Most couples get jittery and nervous at this point - when one person is ready for a physical relationship while the other is not. The solution is not to get nervous when this happens, but tell your partner how you feel. It is better to be open in a relationship. You can say no easily without hurting your partner's feelings. Read on to find out about how you can tackle the situation.

When to tell your partner

Try not to be in an intimate situation when you break this news. But, if you do decide to wait until last minute, make sure you simply tell the person you are not ready for this. It will be harder to do this when you are making out. It's hard to talk about this topic when you are in the moment because the other person has heightened emotions and may get angry when they hear a no. So it will be better if you tell them in advance.

But if you are in bed with them then give clues that you're not ready. Tell them things like 'slow down' or 'can't we just talk.' But if the person continues, firmly pull away and tell them that you're serious about it. If they truly love you, they will respect your wishes and stop.

How to tell the person

Be clear about what you are saying no to. Reassure the person that you are not rejecting them. Explain that it is too soon for you to sleep with them and you're comfortable with getting close.

Talk about this issue again with your partner, especially if you meet at a public place. Don't give vague reasons like "I didn't feel like it." If you feel you need to let the other person know why you were not ready to sleep with them, it is best to give real reasons and not excuses. The other person will probably try to take care of the problem.

The consequences

Be careful about how you handle the relationship later on. If your partner loves you, they will wait for you and for the right moment. If they just keep bugging you about being physically close, consider ending the relationship.

If you have had a past relationship, it is not necessary to tell your partner your sex history. It is in the past and it is your call as to whether to tell them or not. If you don't trust your partner enough then it's better to wait for the right person and the right moment before you decide to get physical with the person.

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