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by MICHAEL BRESCIANI - Date: 2007-06-04 - Word Count: 1341 Share This!

Phobias are fears. The list of phobias in American culture is growing by leaps and bounds. Christophobia, the new kid on the block, rates a look see because it is now fostering more vituperation than anyone might have ever expected, but why?

Space travel may be hindered by distance but the blogs are not, there are probably more of them than stars. Spurred on by the polemics of Dawkins, the arrogance of Hitchens, the fall of Haggard, the illness of Dr. James Kennedy and the death of Jerry Falwell, the articles and blogs have waxed resplendent with anti-Christian hype.

The day of thinking that the internet draws only a few social misfits from the fringes of society who cloister to search out controversies no one else knew existed are over. Commerce is not alone on the internet. Newspapers, political parties, presidential candidates, universities, social groups and churches now appeal to millions in a way far more personal and effective than television or print media ever dreamed possible.

Stories about teens that are kicked out of school for wearing tee shirts with scriptures or Christian messages or patriotic slogans are common. Kids who voice their faith in God may be silenced, dismissed or even charged with hate mongering and such stories are in the news almost daily.

In Canada Rev Tristan Emmanuel author of "Christophobia - The Real Reason behind Hate Crime Legislation" has warned that the battles of Christianity that have to some degree been lost in Canada are sure to become America's next great test of the Church.

In the UN, that august body has put Islamophobia on a par with the anti-Semitism at the same time it has left out any call to address repression and violent persecution of Christians in upwards of fifty countries around the world. No one notices that being selective about our phobias is proof that they are not social sicknesses emerging from misunderstood causes. Rather they are clearly choices used to mask an entirely different but suspect agenda.

Americans who hang on every utterance from Hollywood stars and Music icons are far more susceptible to the call to fear Christianity. Name a few fallen preachers cry intolerance and you have both the applause and the allegiance of countless adherents who will blindly follow those who accuse Christians of holding blind faith in God.

In the Chronicles Magazine, A magazine of American Culture, Editor Thomas Fleming said in an article entitled "Dead Monkeys and the Living God," "Sir Elton John would like to "ban religion completely" because it stirs up "hatred toward gay people." Like so many giants of the entertainment industry, Elton John probably does not hate religion per se but only Christianity. Christophobia is the religion of Hollywood. Ask Barbra Streisand; ask the top brass at Disney or DreamWorks."

Wars against Christian symbols and crosses are being fought in dozens of communities. Creationist are being ridiculed by Darwinists, and Hollywood fuels the anti-Christian hype with movies that depict those who hold family values, moralists and Christians as bumbling Bible thumping dumbbells with IQs that hover close to the mid sixties. TV splashes the media with hurried segments of the anti-Christian vitriol but it is the internet where the discussions are extended and picked to death.

Why this barrage against Christianity? Has America gotten confused? It wasn't Christians who brought down the Twin Towers. It isn't the Christians who are calling for the death of America and Israel. It is not the New Testament that called for an Arab woman to be stoned while security forces and a crowd of frenzied men looked on in what is known as an "honor" killing in Afghanistan.

America is still predominantly a Christian nation. Since those who attacked America are so far away, have we decided that since we cannot disdain the one we really disdain we should disdain the one we're with? Have newly perceived virtues of "tolerance" outweighed the very idea of reason?

The Bible promises that those who do not like to retain the knowledge of God in their minds will be "given over." (Romans 1:28f) Oddly one of the things they are given over to is "debate" (Ro. 1:29) It follows that if we dismiss God's authority we have only our own miniscule meanderings on matters of what is right and wrong. With six billion people in our world that makes about six billion debaters to hear from. The monument to the new morality and situation ethics would be six billion statues strong.

There are some theologians and ministers who think that being "given over," is not what leads to judgment, but it is the judgment. Satan is already judged the Bible says, but he is allowed to play out the rest of the game. His final demise is impossible to change just like a reprobate mind.

Although privately, conservative Christian bloggers get plenty of hate mail, even while their blogs and articles often go publicly unchallenged. The "mouth and wisdom" Christ promised the believer that all of their adversaries would not be able to gainsay or resist, drives off all but the most arrogant of naysayer's. After that all that is left is ranting, name calling and foul language.

Most of the time, the attitude and foul language of the blog respondents cancels any rhyme or reason to their argument and creates a sort of spiritual reverse osmosis. I can still hear the former "Chaplain of Bourbon Street" Bob Harrington from New Orleans who started some of his evangelistic meetings with renowned atheist Madalyn O'Hair on the podium saying, "She's the best advertisement Christianity ever had."

God will take a dirt farmer or a genius he does not discriminate. His pervasive love for humans is shown on every level, thus those few rare souls who have extreme intellectual brilliance and deep abiding spirituality only serve to show his call to the rebellious is on all levels of society.

Those who are brilliant and are still answering the call to a spiritual life have great reasoning voices to call upon even on the internet. The World Net Daily's Vox Day or Jim Rutz always prevails using both the scriptures and the highest reasoning. The wit and shear brilliance of Doug Giles of the Townhall website are assurance that God can and does put intelligence and spirituality in the same package for his own special service.

With over 200 million Christians being repressed and some physically persecuted in over fifty countries, it seems a little vitriolic Christian bashing in America doesn't amount to much. It does nevertheless represent the beginning of a far worse portent according to scripture, especially as we approach the rule of the Antichrist. "And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations." (Revelation 13:7)

The outcome of it all is positive and is written or spelled out clearly so we won't despair and to warn the unbelievers not to presume. "These shall make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb shall overcome them: for he is Lord of lords, and King of kings: and they that are with him are called, and chosen, and faithful." (Revelation 17:14)

The most practical approach to what's in-between these two powerful verses come from the mouth of the Savior. It is the means to deal with Christophobia and the only one sanctioned by God. "But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;" (Mt. 5:44)

The secular world view folks will always interpret this as "meekness is weakness" but to God it is the power to overcome the whole world until he returns.

Rev Bresciani is a Christian author and a columnist for several online sites and magazines. His articles are now read in every country in the world. For articles and news from around the world visit "The Website for Insight"

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