How to Get Rid of Pimples Quickly

by Martin Hansen - Date: 2007-02-27 - Word Count: 419 Share This!

Many people who realize only too late to be cautious about acne find themselves pondering: How to get rid of pimples quickly? This is not nearly as easy as prevention, but still there are many methods for curing pimples overnight, some even for those wondering how to get rid of pimples in less than 24 hours.

Some of the secrets to getting rid of pimples are fairly easy and can use normal household products. One such method which will get rid of swelling in pimples fast, involves putting ice on the pimple for 2 minutes every half-hour to reduce swelling, redness and pain.

Another secret to getting rid of pimples, which will tell you how to get rid of pimples overnight, is to apply a bit of tooth paste to the blemish just before going to sleep. Overnight the toothpaste will dry up the blemish and reduce the redness, as well as soothing the irritation naturally caused by pimples.

One important thing to remember about pimples, never scratch or pick at them. This will only cause the pimple to get redder and more noticeable. As well it will take longer to heal, have an increased chance of spreading, and cause long term scarring and you'll have find out how to get rid of swelling in pimples fast.

Other common methods of dealing with pimples are to use benzoyl peroxide, or salicylic acid either diluted in a toner or in a topical cream. Though both of these treatments are very effective there is one major problem associated with them. They have a tendency to dry out skin and remove the natural oils that reside on skin. People with sensitive skin should avoid this method of treatment if possible.

You would apply one, not both of the solutions or creams to either the affected area, or the entire facial area respectively, simply because they can both be harsh on the skin so you want to give your face a chance to recover some. As well, reducing natural oils may cause more pimples to show up since your skin's natural oils help to prevent some pimples from forming.

A tip for preventing pimples as well as to keep them from getting worse is to avoid using any kind of makeup that contains a lot of oils. The oils have a tendency to clog pores which will worsen or even cause an outbreak. Try to find a non-comedogenic concealer and powder.

If you follow these few simple pieces of advice you should quickly notice a vast improvement in your complexion.

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