It Takes a Decision To Succeed

by Wanda Grindstaff - Date: 2007-01-21 - Word Count: 469 Share This!

I am truly amazed at how often I hear people talk about what they want and yet when I ask them if they have made a decision to have it, they are either totally dumbfounded or find the question very funny. I see so many people who are living their lives just wishing and wanting and the truth is, wishing and wanting will never get you anything or anywhere.

Successful people in all areas of life, personal success, relational, business or financial, all have one thing in common. They all made the decision to have success. If this seems foreign to you, then take a serious look at where you are. Are you exactly where you choose to be in your life? If you are, then you have at some point made the decision to have it. If you are not, you have obviously missed this step which is available to you everyday.

As a student of Law of Attraction, I know the Universal Law is to attract into your life exactly what you focus on. The power of making a decision is simply the conscious and subconscious focus on what you want, not what you do not want. So how do you make the power of decision work for you?

First of all, ask yourself: Where Am I?

Exactly where are you in your life?

Have you accomplished the goals you set for yourself?

Have you given up on your dreams?

Are there unfinished things hanging over you?

Once you have evaluated your situation, ask yourself: Where Do I Want to Go?

You absolutely must know where you want to go. Be specific, write down everything you want and clearly create the exact life you want to live. Create in your mind and in writing, exactly what your life WILL look like when you get there.

Once you have a clear picture, either find a good coach or a goal achievement program and make a verbal and a written decision to have exactly what you have put on paper and painted in your mind. The amazing thing about making a decision to succeed, you can make that decision at any point in your life. Your current situation should never be greater than your plan for your life. Your goals, your plans must be greater than anything else and inclusive of all of your dreams.

Once you realize this and take it to heart, you can make a sound decision to have exactly what you want and start to create your life. It is only important to focus on where you are going, God will do the work and bring the method to you, as long as you focus on your goal and where you are going. Spend time everyday tapping into the emotion of achieving your goal and you will always succeed.

Never focus on how you are getting there.

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