Over 95 Percent of New Online Businesses Fail, Until Now

by Chris Morgan - Date: 2007-01-22 - Word Count: 497 Share This!

Those people are living in a dream world (fantasy land). Believe me when I say, business is not something to play with. We have watched people walk willingly right into the jaws of business building with no idea that they have a tiger by the tail, until they have spent all their time and revenue building a business that was destined to fail from it's inception.

Most of them were told that Network Marketing is the way to make them wealthy; that they could build a business with little or no experience and with little or no start-up costs. For the most part that is true. Day after day people are generating millions in revenue.

We said, 'for the most part.' The other part you must pay the price for is your negligence of not knowing how business works and how to perform the necessary skills of building a profitable business; that is the all important thing that is usually left out when they are telling people how to be financially fit using network marketing.

Many of them are looking for something for nothing. Then there are those that truly believed what they were told but failed to follow-up or follow-through. This is the reason why we have a 95% business failure rate.

If it were that easy (as they say) everyone would be wealthy; reality says 3% of the population in the world is wealthy and 97% is not. Knowledge is not the only thing needed, but it is indispensable to being in control of your life and business. This may be news to you, but YOU and your BUSINESS are one and the same.

In order for you to be wealthy, you MUST be a leader. If you are not a leader you need to be a leader in training. I say that because, network marketing is a people business and the product is a duplicable system. This is another reason why most online businesses fail, people are trying to sell comp plans, companies or their products/services with all the hype that comes along with them.

Marketing is the optimal word; you must learn how to market as apposed to selling. Most novice entrepreneurs are in selling mode 100% of the time. They do not know that they are cutting their own throats. People hate to be sold and can smell a salesman a mile away.

Market yourself/business. Build your leadership character, which will go a long way to growing your list/bank. Getting a list is the first step, always take every opportunity to grow and optimize your list. Purchases are at the end of the process, not the beginning.

Your network/list will be your list/bank. It is also your job to make your business attractive. You want everyone identifying your business as the ultimate of what they want. The longer they stay in your list, the more likely they will buy from you. It is about your list having trust and confidence in you/business.

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