The Secret - When You Can Walk On Water , Take The Boat ( Part 46 )

by John Harricharan - Date: 2007-06-08 - Word Count: 339 Share This!

Marla spoke up. I don't mean that a voice echoed across the room. Instead, I just seemed to hear her in my head. "Let's go to where it's more comfortable and we'll tell you about the arrangements." she reached out and took my hand. Gideon grabbed the other one and, all of a sudden, the three of us were flying,literally, through the roof. Over the house and above the trees we flew until,in a blur, we were standing under a tree in a clearing. Nearby drifted a gentle-flowing stream and the bright moon above us shone on the beautiful,fleecy clouds.

Enveloped in a lovely, comfortable warmth, we were immune to temperature and weather. Behind me, stretching it seemed into infinity, was a narrow silver light, somewhat like a shining cord. Gideon, as if reading my mind, said, "We're speaking to you with our thoughts, John. Without the physical body, you have no need for physical voice or ears. You'll hear us, and we you-as soon as thoughts are directed. Incidentally, that shining cord you see, is the silver cord that binds you to your physical body. Your 'Life Force' sustains the body through the silver cord."

Marla interjected, "We use this method of travel when there are special things to be accomplished. This is a trial run for what you'll be doing in a few days. Remember we mentioned System 22 during our last meeting? Well,your visit has been approved. We must tell you a little more about it, however, before we take you there. Somewhat like amini- orientation."

"Well, I'm listening," I said.

"As you remember, you once visited the World Head- quarters of G & M Enterprises," she continued. "There you met the Chief and had the pleasure of conversing with Him personally." I thought of how nice it would be to just rest in an easy chair listening to Marla. The thought had hardly occurred to me when I found myself reclining in a comfortable chair. Marla and Gideon were similarly positioned.

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