Make 2009 The Year Your Business Excels

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2009 is going to be a frightening year for many businesses. There's still endless talk of the credit crunch and the recession and it seems to be getting worse as more businesses fold every day. Your business doesn't have to be one of them though. A recession can be a time for your business to grow and outshine your competitors. Think about it. People panic in a recession, just look at the mammoth pre-Christmas sales where high street shops tried to force sales up by dropping prices. Now is not the time to panic though - it's the time for some clever marketing.

If your competitors are used to sitting high at the top of the search engines then they could be getting complacent or focusing on other areas of their business during this recession. Now is the time to make your move and creep up on your competitors and attract new clients on the way.

Slow and steady wins the race

Don't be tempted into making quick fixes based on poor advice when it comes to online copywriting and web marketing. Unscrupulous businesses are always on the lookout to make a quick quid and they tend to prey on vulnerable companies. If someone offers to write you a quality article for £5 or if they promise to have your website at number one in Google over night - just say no. Websites succeed when they have quality content and if someone is earning £5 for writing you an article then it's unlikely they'll be drafting up a masterpiece. Invest in your own skills and outsource areas you don't specialise in to professional companies who will take the time to work on great solutions for your business. Patience is the key to a successful website so let your competitors be tempted by 'experts' offering quick fixes and you concentrate on creating a superb website.

Don't cheat

Just because you ignore special offers and 'expert help' from dodgy businesses it doesn't mean that you'll be immune to making your own quick fixes. Don't be tempted to cut corners with your website. Classic mistakes include duplicating content, relying on poor links rather than seeking out more effective ones and filling your website up with adverts to make a few extra quid. Your visitors will be looking for quality content which can solve their problems, not a hundred flashing adverts or content which appears on 20 other websites. If your competitors have been neglecting their websites then they might just be tempted into making this mistake which is great news for you as you will have taken the time to create original, interesting and useful content.

Be outstanding

Take the time to reassess your website and ask yourself these questions…

- Are the keywords on your website still relevant?

- Are you adding new content regularly?

- Is your online copywriting selling your product for you?
- Is your online copywriting still relevant to your audience?
- Do you have enough information on your website to keep your visitors interested?

By looking at your website from your visitors' point of view you will be able to see which areas can be improved and start to make the changes which will make a real difference. Don't let your business suffer in this recession - see it as the perfect opportunity to take on your competitors and be outstanding.

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