Bridesmaids - Colour Predictions for 2007

by David Keffen - Date: 2007-01-22 - Word Count: 340 Share This!

The predicted colours for the year ahead are fairly diverse.

There is still a trend towards putting bridesmaids into several designs and colours of dresses, which can be challenging for a photographer to achieve good balance in group shots.

Having said this there are still plenty of brides for whom 'everything should match' is still the number one concern.

Pink is still going to be quite big this year. Other popular colours will be Magenta, Scarlet, Plum, Apple green, Mint green, Aqua, Turquoise, mid blue, Burnt Orange and a range of browns and Mocca.

Lilac and peach (the old die-hard wedding favourites of old) are still on the NO list for the majority, although you wouldn't know it if you looked around some wedding dress shops run by older, and dare I say it, less fashion conscious owners (also characterised by doilies, teddy bears and lacy frills hung from every possible place).

Whilst minimalism may be on the wane when it comes to advertising styling, it certainly won't be disappearing from the more fashionable emporiums shop-floor. It surprises me, just how many Bridal shop owners seem to be firmly rooted in the 1980's in terms of both decor and dress styling.

The American 'cookie-cutter' style dress is still very hot at the moment, so expect to see lots of them for the year ahead, but there is also a move away form strapless gowns at the moment, with halterneck and strappy dresses becoming more popular again.

Accessories for bridemaids are as important as ever. Shoes can be dyed to match outfits, and it is becoming increasingly popular to have jewellery sets designed for the bride and bridesmaids. Combs make a great hair accessory (still with lots of bling) or sometimes large silk flowers can look the part.

Themed weddings are becoming more popular, so whether it's Baywatch and the Hoff or Dracula and the Goths, pretty much anything goes, so long as it ties together reasonably well.

One of the largest shops in the UK for bridesmaid and wedding dresses is Society Brides, based on the South Coast.

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David Keffen is a professional photographer and also director of Society Brides Designer Wedding Dress store Wedding Dresses

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