Unique Gifts From Recycled Products

by Nicole Maschwitz.. - Date: 2008-07-30 - Word Count: 456 Share This!

For some time now recycling has been a matter of concern. But today greater numbers of people are taking a more vested interest in there approach. With carbon emissions and global warming being topics on the lips of everyone, people are really trying to think about how they can minimize the impact on the environment. The greatest awareness has been through education, not only through media sources, but through the education of our children in their classrooms. Recycling and environmental studies being forefront subjects.

The world is being educated, people everywhere are learning. I know this for a fact, even people as far away as Southern Africa, a country called Swaziland. Swaziland is one of the smallest African continents. Even here I saw evidence of the education worldwide. This company had this ingenious idea of making goods through recycled products. They get the people in the nearby villages to collect the recyclable material, in turn the company sponsors the local schools, also they create incomes for the local people.

What excited me most is that recycled glass is used to make the gift items produced by the company, and children and others in the region are paid to collect glass bottles used in making them. Clean up days are organized by this company utilizing children from nearby schools, in return the schools receive sponsorship, or products, from the company to help sustain themselves. These efforts help encourage awareness about recycling, and do something very positive for the environment in general.

The process itself is very interesting, once the glass is collected, it is then placed in these huge gas fired furnesses. The glass is crushed and melted down. Once the glass has been melted the artisans go to work blowing the most amazing sculptures. The unique African theme is strong among each sculpture. The techniques the artisans use are a combination of hand and mouth blown techniques.

Their designs include glass animal figurines and sculptures. These gorgeous African animals: elephants, hippos, and giraffes, come in all sizes, from very small to quite large. The artists also make intriguing bottle stoppers, vases, and glasses. Each item is unique and has its own individual character; no two items are the same.

Buying the perfect gift for someone can be a difficult task. Looking for something that speaks sentiments can be hard to find. These sculptures captivate you. They speak volumes, not only are they ouststanding workmanship, but the whole message that comes with each individual sculpture, the awareness of communities supporting each other, the valuable lessons to regions as far away as Swaziland on environmental awareness. This needs to be supported and encouraged.

This great wide world would be much better off, if more businesses took a more environmentally friendly approach.

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