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Corporate solutions through e-learning

To any respectable organization, its people are its biggest and most precious asset. This is why nurturing educated, visionary and passionate people is critical to organizations today.

This makes corporate training a very important aspect of investments that corporations make. In fact, today corporations are the largest users of e-learning models to train their staff with new processes, services, applications, soft skills and customer relations.

Benefits to corporations: In industries such as health care, financial services, entertainment, education and government, e-learning efficient business practices, information and communication which have several big and long term benefits.

When training courses must be delivered by corporations to their staff, e-learning can prove effective in these situations:

When the company is multi-locational with large numbers of staff
When the courses offered are universal in nature
When a corporate client needs to discuss with learners in a confidential setting When managers want to track and log the progress of each learner
When it can prove cost- and time-efficient

However, in recent times, corporate training has given way to what is termed blended learning which an amalgam of different learning methods.

Blended learning in corporate training: Unfortunately, the focus of corporate training programs is more on improving revenue, enhancing teamwork and reducing company costs rather than developing human capital or people. However, blended learning helps employees enhance their effectiveness at the job rather than become repositories of knowledge.

Benefits of blended learning:

Learners with varying speeds of understanding and different delivery methods can benefit from this greatly with its various learning techniques where each learning experience is a step which he climbs as he progresses from one stage to another. This ladder-like approach helps learners climb the tree of knowledge, as it were, from a basic information level to a level of expertise within a set timeframe and fixed costs.
With a blended learning model, a learner can combine elements from one level or complete levels to reach a particular learning solution. A company may choose any blend depending on its needs and can choose from a variety of factors such as needs, time, costs and ready content.
You can tailor your content to suit the unique needs of your organization and employees.
It blends the need for computers in classroom situations where they are needed with providing classroom experiences when computers could not teach the subject well enough.

Pratibha R. S.

Executive - Instructional Designer


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