How to Write a Hot Selling E-book in Only Five Paragraphs

by Lee Brewer - Date: 2007-06-05 - Word Count: 813 Share This!

For this article, it follows on from my previous how lays out one method for creating quality ebooks. Yes - its a little cheky, a little lazy, but it saves us time and more importantly - it works.

Now what we're going to do is use other peoples hard work to create our very own unique products. Sounds too good to be true doesn't it. However this is a very real opportunity that the top gun ebook publishers use time and time again to create products in lightning quick time.

Go to If you've had a look at my last article about finding a niche, you'll now be looking for some quality content. Yes, you can write it yourself, but as others have already written our articles for us, lets use them instead.

You see web site owners write articles and submit them to article directories so that they get free publicity for their sites. At the end of each article is a link back to their web site with a bit of information about their site for example. These site owners want people to take that article and market it to people so they get visitors to their site without spending a dime on marketing. This is perfect for savvy entrepreneurs who are willing to spend a few hours of their time in order to profit for many years to come.

What we can do at go is type in a niche in the search bar at the top right (make sure it's on "article content" rather than search by author). Type in your niche market. So for example type in "gardening". You'll get thousands of result related to what you have searched for. Now what simply go through the results finding at least seventy quality articles related to the dog market and copy and paste them into Word.

Just make sure they are quality articles. If you create an ebook using rubbish you'll just get a high refund rate and it will all be a pointless and frustrating.

If you can try and tie all the articles together in one sub niche. For example a sub niche of dogs might be training your dog. So you could find articles on stopping your dog from barking at night, toilet training that kind of thing. Use a bit of imagination when using this method.

Email Article Authors

You don't want to use any articles without the authors permission. Remember the majority of articles will have been submitted so the author can get visitors to their site without spending a dime. However you never want to breach any copyright laws. To avoid this email the authors of each article. Explain to them that you are creating an ebook aimed at their niche market. You'd love to include their article in your book and you'll include a link back to their site and information about them. Also ask them if they have any other articles you could include.

You can expert around seventy percent (minimum) of authors you contact to be delighted you're going to include their article in your book. Just ditch the ones left.

Put the articles in an order that makes sense and create a contents page. Use the titles of the articles as contents topics. You could even create chapters aimed at solving certain problems people in your niche have. So for example if you were creating an ebook on golf you could create a section on improving your golf swing, a section on the mind game of golf and so on. All articles would make up separate chapters.

Finally write a short introduction and conclusion. These only need to be a few paragraphs each. Tell people what they can expect to learn and make sure you sign off using your name. Instantly you will establish yourself as an expert. You can also link to your back end products at the end of the book to increase your sales.

Finally you need to turn it into an ebook to sell. Go to and download the software. Don't worry it won't cost you a dime. Once downloaded all you need to do is in your word software hit "file" and then "print" and then select "primo PDF" as your printer. Voila. You've just created an ebook using other peoples hard work. This whole process can be done in just a few hours. Obviously you may need to wait a day or two for the article authors to get back to you but apart from that you're all set! Anyone can use this method to create more ebooks than you'd ever be able to sell.

Thats a great method right? I mean it won't cost you anything to create a product yet you could sell hundreds if not thousands of copies and keep all the profits using other peoples hard work!

No fuss. No drawbacks. Just try a few to see how easy it is.

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