How can you use screensavers?

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Let us tell you a few words about what a screensaver is. A screensaver is a small program which gets started automatically when a user do not operates computer for a certain period of time. All the operating systems offer some standard screensavers which, unfortunately, make a nuisance of themselves very soon. That is why most of the advanced users start surfing the Net in order to find something new and eye-catching for their desktops. For this purpose there are lots of portals where a great variety of screensavers is given. All the possible themes and scenes are available there. Thus, users may choose and download a screensaver on their PCs in accord with their taste. On account of the great demand on screensavers among Web users, they started to be used for much more purposes then before. Let's have a look on the main field of screensavers application.

A screensaver may be considered as a small media presentation with animation and musical illustration. This property of a screensaver gives an opportunity to promote almost any brand in business. When creating such a screensaver you should take into account the target audience of the brand, goods or services. After market analyses and primary audience definition such a screensaver becomes an effective tool to affect on the target audience.

Corporate style should be represented almost everywhere and office PC desktop is not exclusion. This method gives a good opportunity to emphasize company stile, it build positive business image in the eyes of clients. When creating such a kind of screensavers the corporate stile, its logo and slogan, etc. should be used. In its turn, it helps to form positive impression among the clients and it effects positively on the company inner ideology.

Most of the screensavers may be installed with a lock. You may ask us how it works. Let us describe the procedure in a few words. If you need to leave your work place with PC on, then a screensaver may start running automatically (or you may even start it by your own). Thanks to this screensaver peculiarity nobody will see your secret information on the desktop before screensaver is unlocked with your secret password.

The idea of such screensaver characteristic is rather easy. If your computer has an Internet outlet or local network, its computing power will be used by the others at the moment of the downtime. A PC accepts data block, operates it and sends the analyzed information back. An instance for it may exemplify SETI project ( or Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence and for such projects screensavers may be very useful.

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