MLM Has Been Slaughtered, GIC Pleads Murder One!

by Royleena Nicholas - Date: 2007-07-25 - Word Count: 679 Share This!

"MLM business opportunities are nowadays touted as a Snails Pace means to Wealth just what does that mean? Simply put, the Internet has killed the MLM business opportunity. There is no loyalty with distributors anymore, as soon as a new MLM business opportunity is launched, teams of distributors jump ship and move to the new opportunity.

Therefore, "why promote a MLM business opportunity, why prospect, do in home parties, cold call, talk to family and friends, attend conferences or even waste your hard earned money advertising on the internet, when in two months time, a new MLM rival business has launched and your so-called loyal distributor base decides to jump across to that new MLM player".

MLM is old hat and Generate Instant Cash (aka GIC) is now the New Sizzling Hot online business opportunity!

GIC is an exciting new online business concept and many folk are abandoning their MLM home based businesses, to learn online Internet affiliate marketing, in the hope of making a lucrative instant cash profit from their home base. Working from home, around the family, is the desire of many and driving around in the car prospecting and doing in-home presentations is no longer a desirable home based business opportunity.

There are currently several GIC online business opportunities available to home based business entrepreneurs. Those businesses are Passport to Wealth, Wealth Magnet, EDC Gold, Roadmap to Riches and the Perfect Wealth Formula. These businesses are called high end opportunities and they are not cheap to purchase into.

The difference between GIC online businesses, and traditional MLM's, is that GIC businesses require a one-time payment purchase and thereafter, the only out of pocket cost is for company web hosting, usually costing around US$14 - $49 a month.

Programs like EDC Gold and Passport to Wealth, promote software and eBook bundles, which can be purchased for $997. Unfortunately, the only downfall of these two opportunities is that the software and eBook bundles, the distributors sell for profit, are available from many other online websites.

Cost of entry, to Passport to Wealth and EDC Gold, is a one time payment of $997 plus ongoing monthly company web hosting. Distributors with these companies are required to pass up their first two sales, called qualifying sales, of $997 to their sponsor before they are qualified to earn 100% commission of $997 per sale.

Online business opportunities such as Wealth Magnet and the Perfect Wealth Formula are the latest online programs to launch this year. The concept behind these two online teaching opportunities, is that to make money online, with any product from tooth brushes to coloured contact lenses, you must have a solid educated background in marketing and advertising.

Just to highlight one of the two opportunities above. The Perfect Wealth Formula, teaches free and paid advertising methods, which you can apply to any online business or product, to drive quality targetted traffic, therefore turning clicks into product sales and profit to your bank account. To purchase the PWF marketing and teaching program, the beginners entry level is $697 or for the advanced marketers teaching package, the price is $1697.

The Perfect Wealth Formula offers a lucrative affiliate program and is a zero-up compensation plan. This means you will never have to hand up your first two qualifying sales to your sponsor.

So my question to you is, if you have decided that the traditional MLM home based businesses just doesn't cut it for you anymore, you wouldn't be alone. I do stress however, if you are a long time MLM promoter, who has built their MLM businesses in the traditional off-line manner, then any of the above programs will require a serious learning curve on your part. If you are the type of entrepreneur who doesn't mind a challenge then online affiliate marketing can be a lucrative alternative to traditional MLM and a 100% online business activity.


Royleena Nicholas, aka "The Success Diva", has been successfully promoting online for over 7 years, is an eCoach and author of eBook �The Secret 2 Financial Freedom�.

Royleena is a Double Diamond Distributor of MLM US Naturals and an Experienced Affiliate Marketer

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