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One of the most famish artist in the line of Danish pottery is probably Bjorn Wiinblad. He is known worldwide and has enjoyed a career that has spanned more than 60 years. His talents aren't limited to pottery and ceramics however; his art has been displayed on book covers, glass, and a myriad of other creative mediums. His artistic creativity in addition to his versatility combined makes him rather impossible to classify. He is much like a jack-of-all-trades within the artistic community and yet remains wildly popular.

Danish pottery, like Bjorn Wiinblad has many facets. Much of the pottery of Denmark matches the modernistic flare of the furniture that is created here as well. The furniture, the art, they all form a symbiotic relationship within the home and most artists of the area are designing their wares for the local buying public. Not that they don't welcome tourists, but most tourists offer a one-time purchase. The local public is the bread and butter for these people and they are well aware of it. It only makes sense that their designs would reflect the local culture and the idea that less is indeed sometimes more.

Quirky Danish designer, Bjorn Wiinblad was known as the 'designer's designer'. His work is diverse and encompasses studio art pottery, glass, silver, posters and costume design. He was the Rosenthal Porcelain company's chief designer for 35 years but much of his early work was produced by the Danish company Nymolle. We are just starting to collect Wiinblad pieces so pretty much any porcelain/ceramic piece will do as well as the many vintage posters and hand-signed prints, especially the black and white line-drawn type scenes as shown to the left.

In one of the most talked about installations,in Bjorn Wiinblad's The Gossips he has created another whimsical masterpiece. The four smooth bronze sculptures of young ladies obviously in the middle of idle chatter, or just whirling their heads away from it, exudes a swirling motion, a certain arrogance with the figures' noses turned up and away from each other. Please purchase on online

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