The Failure of Werner Ladder 356 and Its Defects

by Joe Wilson - Date: 2006-12-20 - Word Count: 259 Share This!

The failure of Werner ladder 356 has caused so many controversies and several lawsuits have been forwarded due to the buckling of its left front leg causing a user to fall down and injuring themselves. Many websites have put up notice to those that have purchased Werner ladder 356 model and have experienced any failures or defects. Those who have experienced them have come forward and filed their lawsuits.

One of them is Robert Lee Tate II from Indiana who fell from his Werner ladder 356 in December 18, 1999. He claimed that Werner "negligently designed, sold, distributed, and manufactured a defective and dangerous ladder,". Another person who fell for the same reason injured his leg, back , and arm.

Other cases where also filed and Werner subsequently pulled out the defective batch and recalled them to find out what the problem was with that particular batch. After carefully planning, testing and redesigning, the Werner ladder 356 was reissued with the patented technology and design that Werner is known for.

Even with the failure of Werner ladder 356, Werner still continues to enjoy a strong following from many professionals who know the true quality of each and every Werner ladder.

The 356 now comes with a high grade aluminum finish that is both lightweight and a strong and sturdy design. Standing six feet tall, this Werner step ladder has been fully tested and retested to ensure its quality and safety and to correct the failures of its predecessor. With the all new Werner ladder 356, each and every rung is a step of confidence.

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