WOMEN of the 21st Century- setting GOALS

by Fatima Jiwani - Date: 2007-03-06 - Word Count: 567 Share This!

Women of the 21st Century- setting goals

Careers in recent years has become very important to women. When before, women are expected to tend to the house while their husbands earn a living; now, women are slowly but surely climbing the corporate ladder and are even filling top executives position.

This is because the business community is starting to acknowledge the contribution that women make when it comes to business. They provide creativity and innovation to the company. Women are also more adept in marketing and in advertising compared to their males counterparts.

A successful business career, especially for women, does not come easy. In addition to the mind set and the single-mindedness that is often attributed to men, they also have to take care of their emotional and family lives. Balancing these two sectors in their lives is sometimes the hardest part in having a career. They must do their job well and at the same time make sure that they are not neglecting their familial duties.

To help women who have conflict between their career and their family duties, here are some ways to properly goal set.

Husband and children should be the first priority. One should always come first. Problems arise when women try to do both and wind up shortchanging both. One should be able to define what is more important to them. For women who are single, prioritizing is still something that they can be flexible with. This is because they live a single life and do not have a family, to whom they are committed to. Things change when they get married and have children. At this point, prioritizing is already a moot point.

Think hypothetically
If you want to be prepared, think hypothetically and already think about what you will do in the following kind of situation. There will be times when your career and your family schedules will clash. A work emergency crops up just when you are about to go on a vacation with your family; a crisis occurs that needs your immediate attention at the same time that you have to attend your eldest' recital; you have to work overtime just when it's time to fetch your youngest child at school; these things happens and they can't be avoided.

Set limits
Set limits to your goals as your family is more important. If for instance a promotion will cut your time with your family in half, then limit your goals to your job and not seek for promotion anymore Goal setting is not only something that you do when you want to get ahead but also when you want to stop and limit yourself. This may mean not getting ahead of your career but hey your family is more important.

Negotiate with your strengths.
Set your goal towards being indispensable to the company. There are some people who get away with spending less time at their job and still occupy a high position in the corporation. When you are good at your job, you can actually become a consultant, which are paid really high but are not required to come to work all that often. To do this, you have to set your goal towards being indispensable to the company and to learning as much as you can from your industry while you are still young and single.

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