Business, Your Dog and Puppy Picture is a Proof that You Treat Them Family

by ELIZA MALEDEVIC - Date: 2008-08-08 - Word Count: 382 Share This!

Your home is not complete without your family and when I say family, it consists of you, your wife or husband, your kids, your parents and guessed what? Your pets, well when it comes to pets I think the number 1 pet in a household is the dog. Well, you might ask why dog? I think I'll simply put it this way, dogs are hands down, the consensus Man's best friend, we have seen it and I know once in your life you have been with a dog. They are loyal and fun to be with; their presence to a home is truly magical.

I, myself have the privilege to own one at home and let me tell you that it is rewarding and gives me so much fun and pleasure, my kids loves it and my wife is pretty much happy with them too. So the question everybody wants to know is, if it is good o have a dog or puppy picture at home? I'll tell you straight forward, there is nothing bad about it and it generally makes your home even nicer if you have them displayed on your living room with your family pictures. Do or puppy pictures can always be in a family group photo or a single photo of you and your pets and sometimes they can have their own photo which just means they are really a part of the family.

More and more people have aimed to make it a habit to have their pet dogs or puppies pictures in the frames and not just in albums. Well, I do think that it is a good sign and it is healthy to have them at home. They are indeed a part of your family if you treat them as one. They are one of the best pets in the world and I am not going to regret having one at home. For me they are family they are close to my heart and I know that if you own one too, they will be close to you. The thing id dog or puppy picture in a room that can easily be seen is always a good thing; it just shows you appreciate them to the fullest.

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