Puerto Rico Primary

by Ernie Fitzpatrick - Date: 2008-06-01 - Word Count: 344 Share This!

Surpirse, surprise! Hillary Clinton has won the Puerto Rico primary election. Since Obama spent twelve hours there ands he spent newly a week, is anyone taken aback by this? And since Puerto Rico does not participate in our electing a president (other than having delegates selected for the convention), why did Hillary spend so much time there? Everyone wants to go out a winner (of something!).  

On Tuesday the last two states hold their primaries- Montana and South Dakota!  And then?

And then Hillary Clinton will be offered a dignified exit from the presidential race and the prospect of a place in Barack Obama's cabinet under plans for a "negotiated surrender" of her White House ambitions being drawn up by Senator Obama's aides.

Senior figures in the Obama camp have told Democrat colleagues that the offer to Mrs Clinton of a cabinet post as health secretary or to steer new legislation through the Senate will be a central element of their peace overtures to the New York senator.

So, what does she want to do?

Come Wednesday or Thursday enough superdelegates will have swtiched over to Obama to put him over the top and extending the fight past this next week will not be successful and will only hurt her future going forward- for anything. And by the way, a VP slot IS NOT in the cards.

The Obama camp remains nervous about Mrs Clinton's intentions and ambitions, and is preparing a face-saving package that will allow her to continue to play a role in health care reform, which has been her signature issue for more than a decade. Despite pressure from some Clinton allies, Mr Obama and his advisers do not wish to ask her to be his vice-presidential running mate. "They will talk to her," one Democrat strategist close to senior figures in the Obama camp told The Sunday Telegraph. "They will give her the respect she deserves. She will get something to do with health care, a cabinet post or the chance to lead the legislation through the Senate."

Will that be enough for Hillary? Stay tuned!  :-)

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