10 Tips To Sell That House Fast And Clear Those Debts!

by Stevey McGeown - Date: 2008-09-27 - Word Count: 577 Share This!

Now its more important than ever to pay attention, and to do the following things in order to secure a quick sale.

1) get a notebook and a pen, and formulate your plan. Write it all down. Who you need to speak to, the things that you need to do, how much you want to sell it for and when. Remember, that a bad plan is always better than no plan,

2) you will have your list of things to do, but we recommend dividing your property into sections and writing a "Get It Done List" for each one. Appearance is everything. Start with the front garden and the front facing exterior of the property, then the back garden, and finally the interior on a room by room basis,

3) the emphasis should be on presenting a clean, bright property free from clutter. By the way, getting rid of any junk always makes you feel better so that's a bonus. So get yourself a trailer and dump any of the excess junk that you have accumulated. When people move house this is what they need to do sooner or later anyway, so get ready to move,

4) once your property is in its most presentable condition, (this should take you a couple of days at most - do not delay unnecessarily) get in contact with a number of estate agents to discuss a realistic sale figure. It is important that you speak with more than one agent to get a true feel for what is both an achieveable and fair price for your property,

5) do some research of your own, (quite easily done on the internet or by having a drive around) to understand where your competition may be coming from in terms of properties similar to your own that are on the market right now, and this will also give you a better feel for which agent is most intune with the local property market,

6) your next step is to select an agent. The things to consider here are how do they intend to market your property, how do their sale fees compare, who do you think is most likely to achieve a sale, who has the greatest experience or results in terms of sales, what have they sold in your area in the last year,

7) it is extremely important that once you have taken the time to make your property look good from the outside that you have a big, visible and eye-catching sign placed on your property. Afterall, it is your intention to achieve a quick sale, and a sign on your property will definitely be one of the most effective types of advertising to people in your locality,

8) use the internet. There are a variety of websites that you can upload your property details to for free, or for a low cost and right now more and more people are going online to look for property. To increase the likelihood of getting people interested in your property take good quality photos, adn upload them and use a clear and simple description of your property,

9) If you really need to sell your property fast, consider contacting the various property buying companies that can either be found online or in your local newspaper. The typically pay less than the market value of your property, but normally complete sales reasonably quicker and aren't in a chain,

10) Relax and remember that it will all work out just fine. It always does!

Good luck!

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