Experts Guide to Freight Bill Factoring

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If you are in the transport industry you would be aware of the importance of cash flow in this business. Salaries of drivers and other employees, maintenance of vehicles, revenues, repairs, rents all have to be paid in due time. All this becomes difficult when you have to wait for payments from clients. Consequently, it has a very bad effect on your business and reputation as well.

To save you from this kind of bottleneck situation, you can opt for freight bill factoring. As you hand over your invoices to a freight bill factoring company, you also handover all your headaches to them, such as extracting your money from clients where there is always a pre-decided limit of 30 to 90 days. The factoring company provides you with advance cash in return of the invoices to help you meet your various expenses.

The system of invoice factoring is quite simple. You find a suitable factoring company and strike a deal with them. You then hand over the invoices to them and they pay you a certain percentage of the bills, which can be anything from 60-90%, as first installment. The second installment comes when the factoring company has received total payment from your clients. Fee of the factoring company is deducted from this second installment.

Factoring is beneficial in many ways. It provides you with the much needed cash-in-hand to meet various business needs. Secondly, it saves you time to concentrate on your business rather than run after clients for payments. Thirdly, it helps you employ your workers more efficiently for other tasks, rather than extract money from your clients. Fourthly, it saves you the hassles of organizing your cash flow with a bank loan. You would have to show your account history with good credit record, find guarantors and so on. To factor your bills all you need to do is find a suitable company and hand over your invoices.

Before fixing up a deal with a factoring company you need to carry out a check on the track record of the company. How good has been their performance in dealing with clients to get out money, and do they pay the 2nd installment on time and so on. The factoring company should not employ coercive measures to receive payments from your clients or you might end up losing valuable customers.

It is highly recommended that you do not go for a long-term agreement with the factoring company. Go for a short-term contract initially and if their services are good then continue with them or else look for some other factoring company. Ask your friends for references. Another thing to be kept in mind is your clients should readily accept and co-operate with the factoring company, or else you might lose favor with your factors. Choose your clients also wisely and even though the mode of payment is either card or cash, it is advisable you choose card payment. This helps you keep track record of transactions. Build up a strong cash balance so you do not need the factoring companies for long to run your business smoothly.

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