5 Tips For Attractive Male Body Language in Conversation

by Andrew Jenkins - Date: 2006-12-27 - Word Count: 458 Share This!

Women commonly complain about drunken guys grabbing them, or guys coming up and getting in their face. What these guys are doing is putting too much pressure on an interaction too early.

If approached in the right way, with the right body language, you will never be harshly rejected. Here are the rules for body language in interactions with women.

1. Dont Lock-in Too Early

When you approach a woman, dont stand right in front of her and get in her face. Approach more casually slightly to the side, and follow this rule: your feet should not be pointing towards her and only your head should be facing her. When you do this, she doesnt feel an immediate pressure and the interaction is more comfortable in the early stages until she gets used to you.

2. Dont Peck

In a noisy environment, the natural tendency is to lean in and speak in her ear. Leaning in looks needy. Stay where you are and get her to lean in to you, this makes it look like she is picking you up. If you can lean on the bar and have her leaning in to you, the psychological effect on her and others is very strong. When sitting, dont lean in, lean back.

3. Use Gestures

When you are speaking, dont keep stiff and rigid, make gestures. This makes you more interesting, and, more importantly, it is more natural to work in touches smoothly when you gesture. If you have your hands in your pockets and then try to touch her arm, it will be very weird. Do not fidget in set, if you fidget naturally, gesture instead, it gives your hands something to do.

4. Touch

People like to be touched. Touch without sleazy intentions and it shows. If you gesture and move around a lot, you seem naturally tactile and your touches will be welcome and acceptable.

5. Master Eye Contact

Firstly, holding eye contact holds a womans attention more effectively, secondly it works on the attraction centres in the brain. You must hold eye contact at all times for these two reasons. Eye contact builds up sexual interest and attraction.

You will be more attracted to a girl that holds good eye contact than one that cant look you in the eye, the same is true for womens attraction to you. If there is more than one person in the group you are talking to, spread the eye contact around to hold interest. Another important rule comes in here: never look down, its a sign of weakness. Look to the side or up if you must look away.

Follow these guidelines and you will get better reactions from women, make them feel more relaxed and comfortable with you and at the same time more attracted.

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