Effects Of Acne On Adult Sufferers

by Jamie Lockwood - Date: 2007-01-21 - Word Count: 260 Share This!

It is a common misconception is that acne is a teenage problem. Indeed, many people who suffered from acne as a teenager are no longer afflicted by it. However, you may be surprised that the acne problem is more prevalent in adults than what most think. Recently, it has been discovered that acne is increasingly problematic among adults.

The negative effect of acne could be physical, psychological and social. When one suffers from acne in adulthood, the physical and psychological implications could be far-fetching. Since aging skin is less elastic, it is less able to heal if affected by acne, resulting in permanent scars.

Physical scars are not the only ones left by acne. Psychological scarring, which is often misconceived are usually more difficult to deal with. The myth is that adults deal with acnes better than teenagers because psychologically, they are more matured and therefore are able to deal with the condition better.

In reality, ramifications from acne scars on adults are often more severe because of the common perception that acnes are a teen condition. This is clearly not the case. For this reason, adults are often shy to get treatment for their acne problems. However, there are an increasing number of adults who seek dermatologist expertise to solve their problem.

Apart from professional help, sufferers are also seeking relief from over-the-counter products. With the increase of public awareness, people are more likely to seek treatment. In line with this, sales of acne products are increasing.

Often, when the physical problem is solved, the psychological and social ones usually are treated as well.

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