Controversy Surrounds Who is Left on Dancing With the Stars

by Aaron Patterson - Date: 2008-10-25 - Word Count: 307 Share This!

Season Seven of Dancing With the Stars has now arrived, and the popular show is already rife with controversy. Roughly one third of the contestants have been eliminated, but surprisingly, 82-year-old Oscar-winning actress Cloris Leachman is still in the running despite a weak showing. Cloris is not the only figure surrounded by controversy, however; Misty May Treanor had to leave the show because she was hurt. Is Dancing With the Stars cursed?

I say Cloris Leachman's continued participation is controversial because of the way the judges scored and tallied the votes. We've seen all of the stars dance now, and to be honest, while some have shown a great deal of improvement, a lot of the performances are very weak. Cloris received some very low scores at the beginning of the season, despite flirting relentlessly with the judges. This may sound bad, but her performance has been the worst. The producers of the show probably shouldn't invite anyone who's older than 70 to participate, because they just can't keep up with younger, more fit dancers.

To be fair, many of the dancers are improving. The judges have been giving higher scores and the higher scores have been justified. For the most part, I think Cloris is being kept in the competition by the voters, not the judges. I hope she gets voted off before she injures herself.

A number of people have been hurt this season. Jeff Ross was injured when he was hit in the eye by his partner's finger. One of the professional dancers, Karina Smirnoff, twisted her ankle during practice. Both have since been eliminated.

Only about a half dozen celebrities are still in the running; nearly 50% of the contestants have been eliminated. Keep track of who's on and who's off by visiting Who is Left on Dancing With the Stars.

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