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by ALYICE EDRICH - Date: 2009-10-06 - Word Count: 626 Share This!

I just finished reading Coming Home To Myself by Wynonna Judd with Patsi Bale Cox. It's basically a memoir of Wynonna's life leading up to her breaking point and ending with some real life lessons. I'll admit that I skipped most of Wynonna's life story and jumped right to the life lessons, but that's what I got the book for and that's where I related.

A few things Wynonna said jumped out at me: "I...couldn't slow down long enough to take care of my health...I had continued to put my personal problems on hold for the sake of family and career...It was time to surrender to my absolute truth, that I had lost myself. I had forgotten to put myself on the list...I loved my neighbors not as myself, but more than myself...One day I was full of optimism; then the next I would head straight down hill."

That's me in a nutshell!

I laughed when I read those words; not because they were funny, but because of the irony of it all.

We often think the more money we make, the happier we'll be, the less stressed we'll feel, and the more time we'll have to enjoy life. But through Wynonna's honesty, we are reminded that if we do not take care of ourselves-emotionally, physically, and spiritually-and our financial house we're headed for destruction.

Here was a woman who appeared to have it all: fame, million dollar record sales, adoring fans, loving (yet dysfunctional) family, trustworthy friends, hundreds of professional acquaintances, money, and several dream-come-true moments. But what she wanted most, money couldn't buy and it took a health scare to wake her up.

She was falling apart on the inside and the way she was living her life contributed drastically to the situation. Yet she was afraid to seek help-afraid to appear weak and vulnerable in the eyes of others; afraid taking time to heal would put a financial toll on her employees; and afraid of letting her fans down.

But thanks to a few dear friends and an intervention by Oprah and Onsite Workshops, she saw the importance of getting her priorities right-starting with herself!

To reclaim her life, she had to come to terms with how:

- the past plays a vital role in the present; - setting boundaries doesn't mean you don't love someone, it simply means you're taking care of yourself; - poor financial choices effect one's health and the world around you; - poor eating causes more than weight gain, it causes health problems; - exercising plays a vital role in feeling healthy and energetic; - being reactive is harmful; and - listening leads to true communication and understanding.

So what keeps her going? Her family and her God, of course!

But I'm sure the words she heard from Oprah Winfrey, during the beginning of her life changing transformation, has often echoed in her mind...

"It's a process, Wy. You can say ‘I'm gonna do this and I'm gonna do that' but then real life steps in. Something happens and you fall back into your old habits. You'll have to redefine your relationships, rethink old patterns. But because it's a process, you have to go through all of it, including the successes and the failures."

If you, like me, are on a journey of changing your life for the better, I encourage you to think about these things, reflect upon your life, and determine where you, too, can make the necessary changes to "come home to yourself."

I highly suggest you pick up a copy of Coming Home To Myself today.

About The Author: Alyice Edrich is an inspiring artist who enjoys turning her personal photographs into beautiful cards, mugs, and magnets. Check out her new line at or visit her art blog at

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