Significant Points Concerning Social Security Disability Hearings

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Are you one of the socialsecurity disability claimants who have not yet seen a favorable answer for yourapplications after considerable waiting? Then requesting for an appeal of thedecision concerning your Disability Claim at the Office of Hearings and Appeals(OHA) could be the positive step in achieving what you have been praying for.

If you feel that your claim forSocial Security Disability (SSD) benefits is becoming a hopeless case, do notlose heart. Most of the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and SSD claims canbe expected to turn up with favorable end through the OHA.

As the federal government haspublished, the judges who have heard the disability applications appeals at theOHA have approved the application for disability benefits of more than half ofthe cases that has been transferred for their consideration.

The OHA is one of the elementsthat make up the "disability adjudication process." It works quitedifferently from the other elements in the process. Here are several aspects ofthe OHA that sets it apart from the other stages of the application:

-After the SSD claim has been transferred from the localSS office to the OHA, the case may have to "sit" for about a year oreven longer while waiting to have a schedule of hearing.

-A claimant maynot hear anything at all about his or her case during the time it sits in theOHA.

-For claimants, the official correspondence they have toexpect from the OHA are:

oAcknowledgment or Letter of Confirmation afterthey have submitted a "Request for Hearing"

oAppointment letter for purposes of notificationof the date that has been set for the disability hearing

oNotification of the Judge's decision after thehearing and it would be any of these three: fully favorable, partiallyfavorable or unfavorable.

Sometimes, the OHA requests theapplicant to submit an exhibit list, which is everything that is contained inthe claimant's SSD application file.

Being in a Social Security disability hearing

First, you have to know thathearings on Social Security Claim appeals are usually short and could run from15 minutes up to about an hour. Contrary to what other people think that they needto be formally attired and be as prim and proper as they could for such affair,SSD hearings are really but informal gatherings. As a claimant, you need notdress special or anything. In fact, you will even be requested to wear theusual clothes that you wear everyday.

The venue for the hearing woulddepend upon how far away you are residing from the OHA. A venue could be setwherein you would not have to go all the way to the hearing office if it is toofar.

In some cases, it could be heldin a bank, a hotel or conference room.

Your disability hearing is one ofthe remedies you have to achieve greater chances of having a positive outcomein your application. As much as possible, you can consult with your disabilitylawyer on how to make your case more qualified and subsequently pass thescrutiny of a judge.

Our lawyers who specialize inadvocacy and representation of clients' social security disability claims becounted upon on achieving a sooner date for your Social Security DisabilityHearings.

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