Counselling With Animals

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Grief is a feeling many people experience during the course of their lives. Often, these feelings begin after the loss of a loved one or friend, and death can be a emotional subject for those who are left behind after a family member or cherished friend dies. Grief is also commonly experienced when a person loses another over an argument or similar incident. However, feelings of grief are not only restricted to moments of death.

People become sometimes get tormented with grief after the occurrence of an incidence of which they are not proud, or in relation with an expected outcome that does not occur. Regardless of the origin of the grief itself, grief counseling and therapy can help clients address these emotions and overcome them, resulting in a fully functional and emotionally free well-being during the course of the healing process and into the long-term future. There are many ways of approaching grief counseling , just as there are numerous forms of therapy and opinions on the subject at large. One of these is the method practiced during grief counseling sessions in which small animals are used towards aiding the healing of clients.

Animal-assisted therapy has been used for years in helping clients feel more comfortable within the counseling setting and improving the results of the course of the therapy itself. Specific animals used in sessions aimed at addressing grief may range from cats to horses, dogs, and other small pets.

The importance of bonding with animals have been well documented; from enhancements in the area of longevity to an increase in well-being and a lower rate of depression, people who spend time with animals are likely to enjoy tangible health benefits. While owning a pet is one of the most effective ways to enjoy these benefits, petting and playing with animals on a regular basis in grief counseling can also go a far inlong way towards building emotional serenity and calm.

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