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by Jane Sumerset - Date: 2008-11-07 - Word Count: 499 Share This!

English check software - There are now English check software programs that can make your writing tasks much simpler and that work in a very advanced manner to make writing easier and error free. That application works in a very advanced manner to make writing easier and error free. Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology enables English check software to suggest better words and usages. This essentially means that your vocabulary is instantly expanded, as you have new words automatically fed to you.

English check software is the patent-pending solution which automatically works with all text based tools, easily correcting all grammatical, spelling, punctuation or any other writing errors.

You may use it for: Study documents, Work documents, Business letter writing, Personal letter writing, Essay Writing, Article Writing, Creative Writing, Email, Instant Messaging, Facebook, Social Media, Blogging, Legal writing, Business writing and much, much more.

For people who must write a great deal, whether for school or work, English check software can improve your image, get your message across more powerfully and get better results from those you are communicating with. English is actually not one of the easiest languages in the world, even for native speakers. Well, consider the following five reasons why you might very well need it.

1. If you are in business and must send out correspondences, emails, reports and other information, you want your writing to be clear, correct and professional. This will enable people to better understand your communications. It will also improve your image as someone who writes well and clearly.

2. English check software can help increase your creativity as a writer, as in addition to correcting mistakes, it also acts as a thesaurus and suggests different words, such as descriptive adverbs and adjectives. This makes your writing more interesting and versatile.

3. If English is not your first language but you have a need to communicate clearly in this language, this is the perfect solution for you. You can write down the basic ideas of what you need to say, while the software will read and correct your mistakes and suggest alternatives.

4. If you spend time rewriting or editing your reports or other correspondences, English check software can save you a lot of time by automating these tedious tasks.

5. When you make mistakes in your writing and people notice it, it can have a negative effect in the way they think of you. If you are in business, trying to sell something, attempting to persuade someone of something, or even if you are just writing social emails, isn't it better to be seen as someone who is well educated and can write well.

When you write letters or emails, you can do so faster and with more confidence, as English check software will correct your mistakes and suggest better word usage, much like a thesaurus. If you have to do much writing, for any reason at all, English check software can help you to communicate faster and more effectively.

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Watch how advanced English check software instantly improves your writing and learn how innovative NLP technology can help you to write like a professional.

Jane Sumerset is a professional proofreader in the UK. She's also a regular writer on topics like "how to check English text" on englishsoftware.org the renowned British English writing knowledge base.

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