Advanced Techniques In Table Tennis

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When a beginner has more or less learned the basics in table tennis, this is the right time to teach some other techniques. This allows the player to become better not only in practice but also most importantly in competition.

Each match starts with a serve. There are two advanced techniques for this namely the sidespin and the pendulum. Both moves will involve the entire weight of the person to be able to create enough force and speed for it to reach the other end of the table.

Since a service won't win a game, it is time to go on the offensive. Players already know what a speed drive is. A modified version of this technique is called the loop drive.

The power of this technique comes from the waist. The player should rotate it from one side to the other to create enough force to send it back to the other end of the table.

The next technique that is for defensive purposes is called the chop. When the opponent has hit the ball back into player's court, all the person has to do is slice away into the air making contact with the ball to send it back to the other side.

The reason why this technique is hard to master is because it will not only block the ball but it will change the direction where the incoming volley will go. Those who successfully master this will be able to force the opponent to make forced errors, which means another added point for the player.

The flip is another smart move that if done correctly will work for the player. One foot will be ahead of the other and when the ball comes, the wrist should quickly turn from one end to the next to complete the shot.

This is an unexpected move that can surprise the opponent and should be tried every so often to outsmart the other player.

The last advanced technique is called the lob. This technique is also for defensive purposes, which is a modified version of the counter drive.

Shots will be traded in the course of the match. When the player feels like the opponent is about to let it all out, it is time to move a feet back and bend the knees further to get leverage for the shot.

When the ball comes, the player should use the strength from the legs and the waist to send the ball back to hopefully adding another point to the score.

There are other advanced techniques that the student can learn to become a better table tennis player. There is a forehand and a backhand move for each and it is the discretion of the player which one to use in the game.

Some coaches already incorporate the advanced moves to the beginner while others wait a little longer. It is best to practice the both techniques and then be smart enough to use it when the opportunity presents itself.

Watching videos how each of these advanced techniques is done can help but it is always

best to put theory into practice to have a better understanding. One way is to have a mock up game with a teammate but if there is no one around, there is no harm in doing some shadow training.

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